100m Sprint Olympic Semi-Finalist Kemarley Brown\’s Windy Road Goes Through California

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Throughout the previous a month and a half, in a little space in my kitchen, I have hosted?an 100m sprint Olympic semi-finalist by the name of?Kemarley Brown.?When Kemarley?suddenly chose to come back to Oakland and prepare with me, his previous junior school mentor, the kitchen is the place we manufactured his Ikea day overnight boardinghouse our common vision. Back in the 2014 at the California Junior college State Title, Kemarley ran the 100m in 9.93 seconds turning into the USA\’s national junior college record holder while speaking to our school, Merritt School.

Not exclusively is Kemarley the main junior college competitor to soften the 10 second boundary up a wind lawful race however the 9.93 stands as the third speediest wind legitimate time in history for all universities in the Unified States (believe it or not, NCAA DI programs as well). To finish it off, on that day the 9.93 was the quickest time on the planet for the season up to that point. The USA\’s Justin Gatlin went 1/100th better the following day and Kemarley\’s opportunity wound up as fifth quickest on the planet toward the finish of 2014. The sky was the point of confinement and, while I remained here in Oakland guiding at Merritt, Kemarley went off on his life\’s way. From that point forward it\’s been an obstruction filled, twisting street for him most definitely yet some way or another the turns and turns have lead this 24-year-old Jamaican man back to Oakland, CA to live and prepare with me so he can speak to Bahrain in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Kemarley has started archiving his voyage on JURNI, a video journalling application impeccably suited to catch his genuine minutes paving the way to and including the Olympic amusements. With JURNI he has had the chance to share some of his preparation, some of his contemplations about his arrangement and whatever else he has craved sharing about his life headed for Rio. On Kemarley\’s trip, I have been the fortunate vessel by which he has possessed the capacity to seek after his fantasies and thusly, I have had the joy of becoming more acquainted with his identity as a man. This I archive on my JURNI and here.

On June 22, 2012 at 8:24pm Pacific time, I first had contact with Kemarley when he messaged me in regards to the likelihood of running for Merritt School where I am head mentor. Over the 11 years I have been head mentor, I have gotten incalculable messages from worldwide selection representatives and understudies getting some information about our program. I am sensitive to potential tricks and am typically very incredulous when I get these contacts. In any case, Kemarley\’s email was fascinating particularly after I looked his name and found that he had officially posted some extremely amazing imprints for his school St. Elizabeth Specialized Secondary School (STETHS) and in global rivalries like the Carifta Recreations.

We associated as individuals immediately and started our mutual excursion as Kemarley advanced here looking for accomplishment on the track and in the classroom. He confronted the difficulties of discovering lodging and approaches to back his instruction (global understudies don\’t get government budgetary guide or any of the benefits of California occupants) all while preparing and going to classes far from his Jamaican country. Still, following two years of coarseness and assurance, through the good and bad times of wounds and life challenges, Kemarley turned into the 2014 California Junior college Competitor of the Year (counting all games football, baseball, b-ball and so forth.) and graduated with his AA degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences 4 days in the wake of winning the state title in 9.93. Not lost in the accomplishment of the 100m that day at state, Kemarley likewise won the 200m in 20.29 and brought home the Competitor of the Meet respects.

At the same time, there was once in a while seven days that passed by where we didn\’t discuss the fantasy of the Olympics. It was an amazing 2 years and, in a second season that did exclude a solitary misfortune in any individual race, a storybook complete physically and scholastically.

Kemarley had decisions to make by then. He could have turned proficient right then and marked a sponsorship manage a shoe organization. I got many calls from specialists and one from Nike welcoming him to the 2014 Prefontaine Exemplary with a path in the 100m against Justin Gatlin. He additionally had a full grant offer from TCU, a lasting 100m powerhouse. Rather, he came back to Jamaica and keep running for the celebrated around the world MVP track club while going to class at the College of Innovation in Kingston. These were extreme, intense decisions yet by then Kemarley was on edge to return home subsequent to being so far away. With the 2014 Jamaican national titles a minor 4 weeks away, Kemarley\’s decision to return home made them pull for a national title. Shockingly, Kemarley didn\’t keep running in the national title that year and life here in Oakland in the long run came back to ordinary.

We remained in touch yet I frequently felt at a careful distance as Kemarley confronted his new section with MVP in his own particular manner. Amid this time, his Jamaican mentors orchestrated a concurrence with Bahrain so that Kemarley would turn into a national there and speak to that nation in rivalries. It is a way that I couldn\’t have predicted at graduation in 2014 however Kemarley\’s decisions weren\’t simple and regardless of what he picked, he generally communicated certainty that it would all work out. I have no clue what might have happened had Kemarley strolled an alternate way however it was his way to walk. Half a month prior, rather out of the blue, Kemarley suggested the conversation starter to me, \’do you believe it\’s a smart thought on the off chance that i returned to prepare with you?\’ Starting there on, we have reconnected in a way that has been without a moment\’s delay stunning, exciting and satisfying. This a month and a half has been unique regardless of the result. Living with Kemarley, I have possessed the capacity to share his experience day in and day out as he gets ready for Rio. The preparation is a certain something and there\’s a lot of that. In the first place, we have expelled the Valsalva system (holding breath) he had been utilizing toward the begin of his races. At that point we changed out his adaptable spikes for a much firmer plate. Likewise, Kemarley has found the sweet spot for his drive from the squares finding the benefit of working with and not against Newton\’s laws. He has taken a shot at lessening ground time by getting tall out of his speeding up. At last, he\’s getting his rest and recuperation off the track and keeping up a sound eating regimen.

Maybe similarly or more fun, be that as it may, has been watching and sharing his life far from track. Kemarley was constantly all around loved in his JC days in view of his quietude and loose way to deal with life. While especially certain, he has a straightforwardness about him. In any case, what many individuals don\’t understand is that he is genuinely thoughtful. He detests exposure and gets baffled by the web-based social networking era constantly arranged to condemn from the sideline. He is watchful who he imparts his life to and trust doesn\’t come simple. He\’s exceptionally laid back and trusts some time or another he can simply go angling in his extra time. You may be astonished to know he is an anime fan. At this moment as I write this, there is another window open on the PC with Inuyasha on it (whatever that is!). I frequently hear Kemarley listening to Youtubers breaking down various anime story lines. Likewise, he is an insatiable learner for goodness\’ sake and will be on YouTube at extremely inconvenient times watching history, creatures, futurists, whatever. In the interim, he unobtrusively wears solution focal points in thick dark edges! I have come to trust Kemarley is a living Wonder character. I am upbeat he has chosen to open a window to the world through JURNI with the goal that more individuals out there can make the most of his minutes that matter and become acquainted with one of my most loved individuals ever!

Look at JURNI and take after Kemarley (and me) for his genuine minutes. Associate through video and be a piece of history.

On one of Kemarley\’s Jurni posts he proposed everybody ought to think beyond practical boundaries since dreams are free. Throughout the previous a month and a half, living inside his fantasy has been extremely valuable.

– Brock Drazen

Download JURNI on the Application Store (Requires iOS 7 or later. Perfect with iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad).

JURNI is a video journaling application where clients catch minutes that matter while permitting more prominent availability with individuals who are experiencing comparative encounters and feelings. Jurni is about realness. It is genuine unscripted television.

With Jurni, you can:

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