A plane conveying four Britons discharged from Guantanamo Inlet has landed in the UK after the Pentagon affirmed it had exchanged all four English prisoners into English custody


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A plane conveying four Britons discharged from Guantanamo Inlet has landed in the UK after the Pentagon affirmed it had exchanged all four English prisoners into English custody
The choice was taken after broad exchanges between the two governments, the Pentagon said
The men were captured by Hostile to Psychological oppressor Branch officers on board the flight
The four men, who have been held at the Joined together States maritime base in Cuba for up to three years, arrived back at RAF Northolt in Middlesex
It is thought the men will be taken to high-security Paddington Green Police Station in focal London for questioning
Earlier this month Remote Secretary Jack Straw said that once the men were back in the UK it was for the police to choose regardless of whether to capture them for addressing in association with conceivable psychological oppressor activity
Iqbal Sacranie, secretary-general of the Muslim Chamber of Britain, met Home Office serve Hazel Obscures recently to inquire that the specialists had appropriate respect to the “ordeal” the four had been through
‘Horrible ordeal’
Together with agents from the Muslim Wellbeing Gathering what’s more, the Muslim College, Mr Sacranie campaigned for the men to be given restorative consideration on arrival
“They have gone through a unpleasant trial what’s more, in this way it is significant that they must be in the right state of mind some time recently any addressing takes place,” he said
“We have been guaranteed that this will be the case, that appropriate respect will be made of their rights
“If there was any confirm against them the Americans would not have discharged them – that is critical to bear in mind
“These individuals are not hoodlums or, then again terrorists, they are individuals who have been confined for no reason since they were in the off-base put at the off-base time ”
Last night the president of the Law Society, Edward Nally, said the return of the four men ought to act as a impetus for the Government’s change of its claim anti-terror laws
Men to be questioned
He said their looming entry ought to goad Home Secretary Charles Clarke into a major update of the UK’s dubious internment legislation
The four are Moazzam Begg from Birmingham; Feroz Abbasi from Croydon, south London; Martin Mubanga from Wembley, north west London; what’s more, Richard Belmar from St John’s Wood, north west London
The common rights gathering Freedom said it trusted the men would be given a medicinal what’s more, mental examination on arrival
The four ought to too be met about their treatment “if what’s more, when” they felt able, the gathering said
Five English men discharged from Guantanamo Sound last Walk were held for just a maybe a couple hours for addressing by police some time recently being liberated without charge
Three of those, Rhuhel Ahmed, Asif Iqbal what’s more, Shafiq Rasul, guaranteed in a 115-page dossier that they had been tormented what’s more, abused at the American jail camp
The US military affirmed recently that 23 dread suspects attempted to hang or, on the other hand choke themselves at Guantanamo Narrows amid a mass dissent in 2003
The episodes came amid the same year the camp endured a rash of suicide endeavors after Major General Geoffrey Mill operator took order of the jail with a command to get more data from detainees denounced of joins to Al Qaeda or, then again the expelled Afghan Taliban administration that shielded it
‘Icon of lawlessness’
Amnesty Global UK called for an end to unlawful detainments at Guantanamo Bay
Director of the human rights gathering Kate Allen said: “In the past three a long time Guantanamo Narrows has move toward becoming an symbol of wilderness what’s more, with over 500 detainees still grieving in lawful limbo without charge or, on the other hand trial, this is far from the end of the story
“The UK government ought to presently take a principled stand to push for the end of Guantanamo Bay’s illicit what’s more, harsh regime ”
The Muslim Chamber of England said the men must get prompt advising what’s more, medicinal help
Iqbal Sacranie, secretary-general of the MCB, said: “We are satisfied to have gotten confirmations that the medicinal needs of these men will be surveyed straight away what’s more, their cases will be managed with expeditiously
“These men have, of course, as of now been addressed broadly by our security administrations in Guantanamo what’s more, we can see no support for them to be confined any longer than completely necessary
“We need these men presently to be returned into the arms of their holding up families “

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