Why Britain doesn’t need gay marriage: First MP to have a civil partnership makes a brave and controversial stand


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by Suzy Austin, Metro
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Jez Stephens will never know he has a baby. In fact, he did not indeed know his girlfriend, Kelly Macro, was pregnant.

But, eight months after Mr Stephens was murdered in the Asian wave disaster, a part of him lives on.

Miss Macro, 29, has just given birth to their child Theodore Jez, who weighed a solid 3.2kg (7lb 4oz). Yesterday, she said the birth of her to begin with youngster had given her new quality to adapt with her bereavement.

‘I just think that, in spite of the fact that my accomplice is not here, presently that I’ve got Theo, Jez is glad of me what’s more, of his child son. I will continuously have Theo to remind me of my recollections of Jez,’ she added.

‘I did not know about the infant until after Jez died,’ she said. ‘It was tragic since I did not get to tell Jez about it.’

Mr Stephens, a 29-year-old bank worker, was on occasion on the Thai island of Phi Phi at the point when the tidal waves struck on Boxing Day last year.

Friends found his body in a sanctuary in Krabi at the end of January.

Miss Macro, of Norwich, had arranged to meet him in Thailand be that as it may was incapable to since of work commitments. She said: ‘It was a genuine trust for me what’s more, Jez’s family that this little one was going to come along a maybe a couple months later.’

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