Closer than ever… The million-to-one black and white twins Kian and Remee turn seven


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Last refreshed at 08:20 30 September 2005
So how do the two Davids compare? Here, EDWARD HEATHCOAT AMORY investigations their unique foundations and, below, where they vary on policy.
PARENTAGE: Father a stockbroker, mother a magistrate, developed up in the Berkshire countryside. His incredible what’s more, incredible incredible grandfathers, WG what’s more, WA Mount, were both Tory MPs for Newbury.

WIFE: Samantha, his sister’s best friend, presently breathtaking imaginative executive of Smythson, the Bond Road stationers.

EDUCATION: Eton, Oxford, where he was a part of the exceptionally great Bullingdon club, well known for its plastered antics.

TIME OFF: Rides a horse, plays tennis, cycles for charity, develops marrows.

COMMERCE: Five a long time as chief of interchanges for Carlton TV, “the brightest man Carlton ever employed” says ex-boss Michael Green.

HOMES: Brilliant home in North Kensington (not Notting Slope he insists), what’s more, a body electorate house in a wonderful Oxfordshire village.

CHILDREN: Crippled son, Ivan: “When you figure it out he will never be capable to walk, you feel sick. Yet you cherish your youngster what’s more, in the end you get utilized to it.” Little girl Nancy. Hands-on, present day father who frequently takes them to the Commons.


PARENTAGE: Child of a single mother in York, moved with her to London at the point when she married, committee level in Wandsworth a “terrible little slum” he says. Stepfather was a politically-active shop steward at Battersea control station, granddad a Socialist agitator.

WIFE: Met Doreen (‘Do’) at university. She runs his body electorate office be that as it may was not at yesterday’s launch.

EDUCATION: Tooting Bec sentence structure – where he effectively stood up to a posse who were threatening a gay understudy – taken after by Warwick College to think about atomic science.

TIME OFF: Each year strolls 192 miles from Lake Locale to Yorkshire. Has a pilot’s licence.

COMMERCE: Spent 15 a long time with Tate & Lyle, hitherto as a director, having joined since “I needed to get my hands messy what’s more, learn the nitty-gritty”.

HOMES: Farmhouse in Yorkshire constituency, level in London.

CHILDREN: Two little girls what’s more, a son, all of whom have presently cleared out home. Davis never changed their nappies yet instructed them maths what’s more, shake climbing.

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