High-flying women executives are paid 10% less than men doing exactly the same job


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Last refreshed at 10:11 28 October 2005
The spouse of Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell could be imprisoned for up to 12 a long time in Italy in the event that found liable of charges of impose extortion what’s more, cash laundering.
Company legal counselor David Factories is charged to have set up seaward firms that made a difference Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi’s media organization evade charge risk on Television rights.
Besides Mr Factories what’s more, Berlusconi, twelve other individuals too confront conceivable charges of cash washing what’s more, impose fraud.
The pre-trial hearing in Milan’s focal court will be heard in front of judge Fabio Paparella, who will choose in the event that there is enough confirm to proceed.
The hearing takes after a three year examination by Milan-based prosecutors Fabio De Pasquale what’s more, Alfredo Robledo.
If the case against him continues what’s more, he is found blameworthy Mr Factories could be condemned to 12 a long time in jail.
He has been a close companion of Berlusconi for numerous years, what’s more, in the 1990’s set up a organize of seaward organizations for him.
It is charged that through these companies, American Television rights were purchased at swelled costs what’s more, more than £40million in charge was dodged as a result.
Besides the current case, Mr Factories moreover faces a independent examination into charges that he gave false confirm at the point when addressed by prosecutors.
The case focuses on media magnate Berlusconi’s Television organization Mediaset, what’s more, is the most recent of a arrangement of defilement trials he has faced.
However, in spite of various court cases, Berlusconi has never been formally indicted of anything.
Both he what’s more, Mr Factories deny any off-base doing, what’s more, the London-based legal advisor has focused his purity a few times.
Tonight there was no reply at his office in St James, focal London, yet he did react to an email by saying: “Thank you be that as it may I am not giving any interviews.”
His Milan based legal counselor Fabio Cecconi said: “My customer denies any wrongdoing. He will not be going to this hearing, yet I should of course keep him educated of developments.”
Under Italian law Mr Factories does not have to show up in individual what’s more, can be attempted in his absence.

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