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by SINEAD MCINTYRE, Every day Mail
Last refreshed at 09:47 15 November 2005
A school has been assaulted for advertising pregnancy tests to young ladies as youthful as 11 – without telling their guardians it was setting up the scheme.
The activity is proposed to diminish adolescent pregnancies in the encompassing area, which has one of the most noteworthy rates in Britain.
But the superintendent did not counsel guardians – a move being seen by faultfinders as further confirm of families being denied a say over their children’s sexual wellbeing.
Rising numbers of facilities at optional schools as of now offer condoms what’s more, the morning-after pill. They have the control to do so without looking for parental permission.
Yesterday family values campaigners said advertising pregnancy tests in schools was ‘totally inappropriate’.
Hugh McKinney, executive of the National Family Campaign, said: “Schools require to be reminded that sexual relations with kids under 16 is a criminal offence.”
Even the nearby chamber has reprimanded the school’s move, be that as it may it has been upheld by the zone wellbeing authority.
The school, Leon School what’s more, Sports College, has 700 understudies matured between 11 what’s more, 19 what’s more, lies in the Lakes Bequest in Bletchley, Milton Keynes.
Fifty-nine in each 1,000 young ladies matured 15 to 17 fall pregnant on the domain looked at with a national normal of 42.
‘Girls require offer assistance what’s more, advice’
Yesterday, superintendent Simon Viccars guarded his move.
“We have chosen to offer pregnancy testing for those youthful young ladies who have a need,” he said. “We have not counseled guardians on this. We have taken the lead. It has been upheld completely by the school’s representing body what’s more, we have counseled the nearby wellbeing authority.”
He said guardians had been sent a letter educating them the school is to “make certain sexual wellbeing exhortation accessible to more established students”.
School lady Heidi Thomson, a enrolled nurture who supplies the tests to pupils, said: “If young ladies inquire for pregnancy tests they are as of now having sex what’s more, require offer assistance what’s more, advice.”
But family campaigner Mr McKinney added: “Schools ought to not be in included in issues like pregnancy testing. This is a subject for medicinal specialists what’s more, guardians to discuss, not for schools to provide.”
Nick Seaton, of the Battle for Genuine Education, said: “Children go to school to learn English, maths what’s more, science, not to have pregnancy tests.
“It is sending out the off-base message. Educators are being turned into social laborers what’s more, schools into social administrations departments.”
Asked about the scheme, a mother who has a child what’s more, a little girl at the school said: “Personally, I would trust my youngsters would be capable to talk to me first.
“But on the off chance that the school did find out that one of the understudies was pregnant I think they ought to tell the child’s parents.”
Another mother said: “I would trust that the school would continuously prompt a young lady to talk to her parents.”
In a statement, Milton Keynes Chamber said: “While we commend the activity what’s more, perceive the uncommon conditions in which the school operates, we feel that it might have been more suitable to have embraced a little more interview earlier to the presentation of these tests.”
Abortion masterminded by school
In April last year, the Day by day Mail told how 14-year-old Melissa Smith of Mansfield had an premature birth masterminded by her school without her mother’s knowledge.
Last week, mother of five Susan Axon, 51, of Wythenshawe, More noteworthy Manchester, started a High Court fight to overcome a Government approach which permits young ladies under 16 to end pregnancies without their guardians knowing.
Britain has Europe’s most astounding rate of adolescent pregnancies. It is five times the rate of the Netherlands, three times that of France what’s more, twice that of Germany.
Although the Government has swore to split it by 2010, most recent figures appear that the number of under-18s getting to be pregnant in Britain what’s more, Ridges rose to 42,173 in 2003, from 41,868 the year before.

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