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by ANDY DOLAN, Day by day Mail
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As the merry season approaches, towns tidy off the Christmas lights what’s more, get ready to twinkle.
In Havant, they haven’t.
They’ve chosen to have a Celebration of Lights instead, to maintain a strategic distance from insulting non-Christians.
And they’re getting free of Father Christmas what’s more, his cave while they’re at it.
After a decade in the Hampshire town’s Meridian shopping centre, supervisors there have ousted him for being as well ‘tired’ what’s more, a fire risk to boot.
Yesterday, the choice to drop Christmas lights was welcomed with shock in a district where 99.1 per penny of occupants are white.
Even the pioneer of Tory-run Havant Precinct Board marked it ridiculous.
Council pioneer David Gillett said: “It’s Christmas what’s more, these are Christmas lights. I don’t see any sense in denying this. I can’t for the life of me see why individuals would be affronted by this and, to be honest, I don’t think anybody is.
“It’s just a case of political accuracy gone totally barmy.”
The lights cost more than £5,000 what’s more, have been paid for by the board what’s more, the Havant Business Group, who between them have chosen to drop Christmas from the title.
The celebration will start on December 2 with a torch-lit parade of schoolchildren through the town focus what’s more, a firecrackers display.
‘Town has fizzled its customers’
A Christmas tree will be on show with customers welcomed to join ditty singing what’s more, visit a Christmas market.
Russell Crocker, director at Boots what’s more, agent executive of the Havant Business Group, said: “There is an issue about overcompensating political accuracy here be that as it may we are not attempting to cross out Christmas.
“We need this to be a enormous support for the town that will incorporate as numerous individuals as possible.”
But occupant Pushpar Sanderscorr, 47, a Hindu, said there was nothing off-base with Christmas lights in the town.
“It is not offensive, very the opposite. We ought to celebrate all cultures, counting Christian.”
John Willis, who runs a natural product what’s more, vegetable shop in Havant, said the town had fizzled its customers.
“Banning Santa’s cave what’s more, dropping the word Christmas is ludicrous. It will make for a hopeless Christmas in Havant,” he said.
A representative for the Muslim Chamber of England said: “This sounds like a case of a nearby chamber taking it upon itself to choose what is offensive, Or maybe than counsel the group it serves.
“If the chamber took the inconvenience to inquire nearby individuals what they thought, they would find that individuals of all beliefs do not have a issue with this.”
A chamber representative said the celebration was the to begin with part of an activity to “promote the town focus in winter what’s more, summer months”.
He added: “The title Celebration of Light reflects the certainty that the occasion will give a terrific lit up display”.
Retailers have brought forward their Christmas publicizing battles this year in the trust of baiting hesitant shoppers. Most as a rule hold up until mid-November to begin merry advertising.
This year Sainsbury’s begun its print promotions on October 6 while Argos’s Christmas Television plugs started two weeks later.

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