Heartache of the wife dumped by our man in Kabul: Envoy ‘has baby with lover’


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Last refreshed at 11:14 19 December 2005
Two English explorers were recuperating today after being run over by a 4×4 as they rested in sand rises on an Australian heaven island.
The crack mishap happened on Fraser Island, off Queensland, as the match gestured off after meandering away from their camp to observe the surf.
A 25-year-old man was flown to Hervey Narrows Healing center on the terrain with a suspected broken arm, broken ribs what’s more, cuts to his head.
His female companion, who is accepted to be in her 20s, gotten away with minor cuts what’s more, bruises.
The match were on a week long 4×4 enterprise visit with British, German what’s more, Canadian travellers.
They were found harmed at 6.30am nearby time by individual explorers after unwittingly falling sleeping on a track utilized by 4x4s.
Helicopter safeguard pilot Creagh Mechan said they were “very lucky” to survive.
He said: “The two of them walked off in the early hours of the morning to observe the surf what’s more, fell snoozing in the dunes.
“Unbeknownst to them they were on what I would say, in the dark, would be an nearly inconceivable to see track, which they didn’t know was as a matter of fact utilized by four-wheel-drives.
“They were truly sensible individuals what’s more, they laid out to me that they’d been cautioned about vehicles on the shoreline what’s more, so on.”
Local police said no charges would be brought against the driver.

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