Lib Dems in shock by-election win


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Last refreshed at 08:01 10 February 2006
Liberal Democrats have picked up Dunfermline what’s more, West Fife from Work in a stunner by-election result in Chancellor Gordon Brown’s backyard.

After a wounding campaign, applicant Willie Rennie took the situate with a 1,800 dominant part on a 16.24 per penny swing.
Mr Rennie, is a previous boss official of the Scottish Liberal Democrats what’s more, an account chief for a firm prompting philanthropies what’s more, businesses. He was sprinter up in the Scottish Coal-Carrying Championship.
The result is a blow for Mr Dark colored who sits for next entryway Kirkcaldy what’s more, Cowdenbeath what’s more, spoken to a few zones of Dunfermline what’s more, West Fife some time recently limit changes last year.
He battled emphatically in the by-election, interceding on the issue of Forward connect tolls.
However, the result is a support for Lib Dem initiative contender Sir Menzies Campbell who speaks to adjacent North East Fife.
It comes in spite of the turmoil in the party after acquiescence of previous pioneer Charles Kennedy.
At last May’s General Election, the late Rachel Squire won the situate for Work with a 11,562.
Following his victory, Mr Rennie said the voters had “sent a effective message to the Work Government that will shake the establishments of Bringing down Street.
“This is really a noteworthy victory. Much appreciated to the individuals of Dunfermline what’s more, West Fife – I will not let you down.”

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