Britain’s most-wanted foreign criminals revealed as police bid to flush out the killers in hiding


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By Scratch PISA in Rome, Day by day Mail
Last refreshed at 16:46 24 July 2006
A English holidaymaker has been slaughtered what’s more, another genuinely harmed after crack lightning struck the swimming pool at their Italian occasion villa.
Michael John Haffenden, 50, was slaughtered immediately after the million volt jolt struck the water as he dangled his legs from the side.
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Family companion Laura Minns, 41, endured genuine wounds what’s more, was transported from the scene by a helicopter what’s more, taken to a close-by hospital.
The catastrophe happened just a maybe a couple days after Mr Haffenden what’s more, his family arrived with the Minns family at the manor in Vertine close the town of Gaiole in Chianti, close to Siena.
The area, in the heart of the beautiful Tuscany district is colossally famous with English holidaymakers what’s more, has driven it to being named Chiantishire.
Mr Haffenden what’s more, his spouse what’s more, children, who are from Devon, were sitting by the side of the pool at the point when the show happened.
Italian heatwave
Italy has been persevering a heatwave, with temperatures coming to 35 degrees celsius, yet police said the lightning jolt had come out of the blue.
A police representative in Gaiole said:”There was no rain what’s more, no warning. The jolt just came out of the sky what’s more, struck the pool.
“The casualty was murdered immediately after being struck on the side what’s more, his companion was genuinely harmed what’s more, taken to healing center for treatment.
“The estate was being utilized by two English families what’s more, they had as it were arrived a maybe a couple days ago. It’s the to begin with time I have ever heard of anything like this.
“They had heard the thunder what’s more, were making their way inside at the point when the jolt hit them. It was a frightening encounter for the entirety party.”
The estate is possessed by a celebrated musician, Gabin Dabire, what’s more, his spouse Elena Trissini Dal Vello D’Oro. The Haffenden what’s more, Minns family had been welcomed to spend their summer occasion there.
Mr Haffenden was one of three individuals slaughtered by lightning strikes in Italy inside just 24 hours – two Italians were slaughtered after being struck by lightning amid storms in the Alps.
Add up to shock
Villager Stefano Maggi said:”The entirety town is in add up to shock. No-one can accept it.
“There had been a maybe a couple thunderclaps what’s more, at that point all of a sudden there was one tremendous blast right over the town what’s more, the air appeared to fail for a maybe a couple seconds.
“Then a maybe a couple minutes afterward we heard the sirens what’s more, found that one of the visitors at the estate had been struck by lightning what’s more, killed.
“The estate is encompassed by tall trees which can draw in lightning yet this is the to start with time anything like this has happened here.

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