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She guaranteed to have stop a high flying profession in the City since she could not stand the sexism.
In particular, Cambridge graduate Polly Courtney grumbled about her male colleagues’ evenings out that would ‘typically end up in the nearby strip club.’
Strange then, that the 26-year-old, who has just finished a novel based on her nerve racking time in the Square Mile, openly concedes that appreciates a spot of post moving herself.
She has indeed posted uncovering pictures of herself in activity on two websites.
Miss Courtney’s book, Brilliant Handcuffs, which is due to be distributed in November, is a anecdotal account of her encounters while working at venture bank Merrill Lynch in London what’s more, New York.
After graduating with an designing degree from Cambridge, she was selected by the organization on a beginning pay of £37,500, in addition a £7,500 brilliant welcome bonus.
But she before long figured it out the overwhelming hours, manipulating what’s more, unreasonably requesting supervisors implied the work was not worth the money.
One of her fundamental fuss about working for the venture bank was the sexism she persevered from male colleagues.
She groaned that amid a period in the New York office, where she was the as it were lady in a group of 21, she was seen as a secretary, not as a banker.
She told the Observer: ‘It was hard not to take by and by remarks such as ‘When does your work encounter end?’, ‘You must have rested your way into university’ or, on the other hand ‘ too bad Polly – we would welcome you along, yet we’re arranging to pull tonight.’
‘I was indeed told by associates that the as it were reason I got the work was since of my legs.’
Despite these concerns, on her official website www.pollycourtney.com, she is cheerful to incorporate a picture of herself hanging upside down with her uncovered legs wrapped around a pole, together with other photographs of herself in provocative poses.
She too posted a bigger variant of herself post moving on the Companions Rejoined website.
Her section on the site reads: ‘Trained as a mechanic, stop engineering. Sold my soul to the City, stop banking, Presently composing fiction set in the City, working in FYEO nights..’
FYEO is short for For Your Eyes Only, a chain of table moving clubs.
Last night Miss Courtney told the Day by day Mail: ‘ I have done post moving a maybe a couple times with companions for a laugh, be that as it may it’s not a customary side interest or, then again anything.
‘I was just being snide at the point when I said I worked at For Your Eyes Only. I’d never do anything like that.’
She cleared out Merrill Lynch after taking £10,000 intentional redundancy. In spite of her experiences, still works in the City as a independent procedure investigator what’s more, too plays violin in the semi-professional string quartet, No Strings Attached.
Her novel tells of two new confronted graduates whose high trusts about life in the City are smashed as they find themselves being constrained to offer their soul to their employer.
She said: ‘It is based on my encounter at the bank, yet I must push that it is fictional.’

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