Drug-fuelled thugs branded two men with hot knives while filming the attack on mobile phones


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Last refreshed at 12:55 14 September 2006
Another English agent was questionably removed to the US on extortion charges today under the one-sided settlement that saw the Nat-West Three shackled what’s more, dispatched out of the country.
Jerry Criminal was escorted by US marshals on to flight 549 to Chicago.
He will be exchanged from there to San Diego, where his trial is booked to take put next year.
He was removed under the arrangement marked by the English Government that permits the US to remove UK nationals without having to contend its
case some time recently a court.
Washington declined to sign the treaty, fearing
its affect on the rights of American nationals would be jeopardised.
Crook’s case has been far less high profile
than the NatWest Three yet it is, in the event that anything, more controversial.
Rather than battling his removal as they did, he attempted to travel to America willfully to co-operate with prosecutors.
He trusted that would mean he would be permitted to
return to the UK, where he lives with his accomplice in London, to get ready for the trial.
He claims the US Division of Equity was upbeat with his intentional approach be that as it may the English courts
refused to give him his visa back, adequately telling him he had to be formally extradited.
Crook presumes that will blow his possibilities of being treated leniently, what’s more, will mean he has to remain in the US until the trial.
He said: “Thanks to the UK Crown Indictment Service’s guidance to the US government, I am presently ordered as a flight chance what’s more, so I don’t know
when I’ll be capable to return home, or, then again get my identification back to travel to Europe on business.
“The preposterousness of the CPS’s position has got to be seen to be believed.”
Former CBI executive general Sir Digby Jones last night propelled a rankling assault on the Government over its disappointment to defend the rights of English nationals under the treaty.
In his to start with discourse since clearing out the employers’ organisation, he told the Establish of Directors: “Men strolled up a shoreline in 1944 to ensure the idea that you are treated as pure until demonstrated blameworthy in a court of law.
“I was brought up to accept in that key right. This settlement is completely undermining
that concept.
“Tony Blair has battled hard for English business abroad, in India what’s more, China — I’ve been there with
him what’s more, seen it. Yet he has a dazzle spot for America.”
Were it not for the furore encompassing the NatWest Three’s treatment, they would have been bolted up for 14 months anticipating their trial
next year, he said.
“How can that potentially be acceptable?” he asked.
“The Americans would not let that happen to their citizens.
“The Government have been battling each other in the past maybe a couple weeks be that as it may not battling for the rights of the nationals who chosen them,” he added.
Crook is being indicted for trick to dupe investors in Peregrine Systems, a US programming firm where he was head of the European
Several chiefs based in the US have argued blameworthy yet Law breaker claims he is innocent.

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