Drug-fuelled thugs branded two men with hot knives while filming the attack on mobile phones


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Last refreshed at 15:14 18 September 2006
A third of iPod proprietors are downloading illegally, a major think about has found.

“Free action – both legitimate what’s more, something else – essentially exceeds paid activity,” said Check Mulligan, bad habit president at JupiterResearch, which conveyed out the study.
Just 17 per penny of European proprietors purchased music on the web on at minimum a month to month basis, agreeing to the report.
Mr Mulligan said: “This look into doesn’t so much hammer Apple as expose the myth that MP3 player ownership, counting iPods, deciphers into computerized music buying.”
The ponder found 30 per penny of iPod proprietors download music wrongfully for free.
The figures incorporate paid-for music, as well as tracks downloaded free from legitimate what’s more, unlawful sites.
“There is unmistakably monstrous potential not being tapped into what’s more, the music industry needs to work harder to innovate,” said Mr Mulligan. “It is not winning the battle against free music.”

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