Drug-fuelled thugs branded two men with hot knives while filming the attack on mobile phones


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Last refreshed at 16:49 21 September 2006
Romanian Prime Serve Calin Popescu Tariceanu said talks with senior EU authorities today cleared out him sure his nation would join the European Union on Janiary 1 what’s more, he was cheerful enrollment would come without any unique restrictions.
The European Commission is anticipated to discharge a report next week on the enrollment prospects for Romania what’s more, Bulgaria. It could suggest postponing their section for a year or, on the other hand present “safeguards” to prohibit the Balkan countries from a few EU polices, in the event that it chooses they have not pushed through required reforms.
“As of January 1, we will move toward becoming full members,” Popescu Tariceanu told a news conference. “I am persuaded that as far as the commission is concerned we will get a positive response.”
European Parliament President Josep Borrell said he anticipated the EU’s council would back Romania’s unlimited section on January 1.
“Nobody truly recommended limitations or, then again any specific constraints,” Borrell said after Popescu Tariceanu met with pioneers of the fundamental political groups in the parliament. “Nobody inquired for any particular safeguards.”
Popescu Tariceanu said he trusted Romania had cleared up EU concerns what’s more, that “there won’t be any extra requirements, there will be no discrimination” in the report to be displayed on September 26. However, he recognized there could be issues in agrarian approach what’s more, legal affairs.

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