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Last refreshed at 17:08 25 September 2006
Hundreds of individuals today struggled streak surges after seepage frameworks in two waterfront towns were “overwhelmed” by heavy rain, a water organization said.
More than 90 properties, counting schools what’s more, businesses, in Incredible Yarmouth, Norfolk what’s more, Lowestoft, Suffolk were affected, Anglian Water said.
Floods were said to be a few feet profound in places in Incredible Yarmouth, which was the most noticeably awful hit area, what’s more, police said a number of streets were blocked.
Water organization authorities said the issues had been exacerbated by a blockage in a pump at a seepage station.
“The framework is outlined to adapt with a certain sum of rain be that as it may it has been so substantial in the early hours that the arrange has been overwhelmed,” said an Anglian Water spokeswoman.
“Ten properties in Lowestoft have been influenced by inner flooding what’s more, 50 by outer flooding.
“Six properties in Awesome Yarmouth have been influenced by inward flooding what’s more, 25 by outside flooding.
“I don’t know how much rain has fallen be that as it may it’s been a tremendous amount. We had a blockage in a pump at a waste station – which was cleared – be that as it may indeed in the event that that hadn’t happened there would have been problems.”
Police said flooding in the focus of Incredible Yarmouth was “extensive” what’s more, prompted drivers to evade the town.
Norfolk Region Board said a number of schools in the Awesome Yarmouth range had been closed.
And a representative said Norfolk Fire Benefit had gotten between 200 what’s more, 300 calls in four-and-a-half hours from individuals having flooding problems.
“There have just been tremendous sums of rain this morning,” said the spokeswoman.
“An crisis design has been put into operation, which includes the nearby specialists what’s more, crisis services, what’s more, we are considering about shelters.
“The fire benefit has been overpowered with 999 calls – despite the fact that it’s just beginning to ease off now. We’ve had between 200 what’s more, 300 calls over a four-and-a-half hour period. Four or, on the other hand five a minute.
“We had to inquire individuals not to call in the event that their gardens are flooded. What’s more, this hasn’t been caused by the ocean or, on the other hand by a river. Just by the rain.”
Great Yarmouth Ward Chamber said the downpour at been at its most exceedingly bad at around 10am.
A representative for the Condition Office said the climate framework which caused the downpour started moving inland what’s more, breaking up in the afternoon.
He said 27mm (1.06 inches) of rain had fallen on the Incredible Yarmouth range from around 3pm on Sunday.
“It’s as a matter of fact reasonably typical. We’ve had a hot spell last week what’s more, this kind of exuberant rain can follow. It regularly happens amid the summer,” he said.
“It’s flash-flooding caused by drawn out exuberant rain. The meteorologists can anticipate precipitation yet it’s extremely hard to anticipate where this kind of flooding can occur. Not at all like at the point when streams rise – at the point when we can give a few warning.
“The cause of this flooding is comparative to the cause of the Boscastle surge in 2004. Drawn out substantial rain. There it was clearly much more terrible since there was a valley what’s more, the rain caused a waterway to flood.
“Of course, it is awful for individuals whose homes are flooded. Be that as it may the water ought to presently deplete away what’s more, there ought to be no repeat. We are observing streams in the zone yet there is no recommendation that any will burst their banks in coming days.”

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