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Last refreshed at 16:10 26 September 2006
The fundamental suspect in the kill of a Harrow schoolmaster’s little girl was released from healing facility what’s more, taken into police guardianship today.
William Jaggs, 22, was captured on doubt of kill after 25-year-old Lucy Braham, a promising design graduate, was cut to demise in her claim home.
Jaggs, an Oxford undergraduate, was taken to healing center after the episode with life-threatening wounds after evidently wounding himself.
Police had been holding up until he was released from healing center some time recently meeting him about the attack.
He was discharged today what’s more, will presently be met by analysts this afternoon.
A Scotland Yard representative said: “The 22-year-old man captured in association with Lucy Braham has today been released from healing center what’s more, taken to an east London police station where he remains in custody.”
Miss Braham, whose father, Jason, is workmanship executive at Harrow, one of Britain’s driving open schools, was wounded to demise at her family’s home in Harrow on the-Hill, north-west London, prior this month.
Jaggs, whose father, Alan, is a outline instructor at the school, was found in the house enduring from considerable cut wounds.
Detectives are working on the hypothesis that Miss Braham let Jaggs into her house on the night of the charged attack.
It has been guaranteed they had known each other for numerous years, despite the fact that Miss Braham’s family has said there was no social association between them.
Last week, at the opening of the examination into her death, it risen that Miss Braham may have had a difference with Jaggs about a little cat some time recently the stabbing. He had inquired her to look after the pet yet she had refused, analysts were told.

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