Emperor Blair’s loss of reality is now total


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Last refreshed at 16:50 28 September 2006
The case against the head of a Christian campaign gathering blamed of breaking open arrange at a gay celebration was stopped today.
The Crown Indictment Benefit (CPS) has chosen not to indict Stephen Green, the national chief of Christian Voice, on the grounds of deficient evidence.
Mr Green, 54, of Wernlwyd, Penybont, Carmarthen, West Wales, was charged by South Ridges Police with utilizing undermining conduct or, then again annoying words or, on the other hand conduct likely to cause harassment, alert or, then again distress.
He was arrested, confined in a cell for four hours what’s more, at that point charged after giving out flyers at Cardiff’s Mardi Gras prior this month entitled “Same-Sex Love, Same-Sex Sex: What Does The Book of scriptures Say?”
Mr Green, who is presently considering taking common activity against the police, said: “I’m very satisfied the CPS had the great sense to drop this case at an early stage.
“The police ought to never have captured me in the to begin with place, let alone charged me.”
He added: “To have the Gospel trampled on in the capital city of Ribs is a enormous wake-up call to evangelists.”

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