Last week criminologists flew to Trinidad to make an claim for information


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Last week criminologists flew to Trinidad to make an claim for information Legal science methods conveyed out in the US have appeared he starts from the Windward Islands in the Caribbean
It is trusted that through the appeal, officers will be capable to build up regardless of whether the man has current joins with the locale what’s more, empower individuals of the open to come forward with information
Detective Administrator Simon Morgan, who is driving the investigation, codenamed Operation Minstead, said the suspect has periods of “non-offending” which recommend he is not continuously in the UK
He said: “The reason of our visit is to attempt what’s more, limit down our list of conceivable suspects by utilizing the extremely most recent criminological science techniques We accept there may be joins down the eras between our suspect what’s more, the nations of the Caribbean
“We need to claim for data that may help in following this person what’s more, stop his offending To date, we know that the guilty party has periods of non-offending that may recommend that he is not continuously in the UK ”
Psychologists accept the man is a “gerontophile” – somebody who appreciates sexual action with elderly victims His casualties have been matured 68 to 93, with an normal age in the 80s
His assaults have been concentrated in a arrangement of bunches around south east London, counting Backwoods Slope close the South Roundabout road, Shirley in Croydon, further east in Orpington what’s more, along the A23 what’s more, A22 streets in Coulsdon what’s more, Warlingham
A remunerate of up to £40,000 has been advertised to anybody who gives data driving to the arrest, indictment what’s more, conviction of the offender

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