“But we are still depending on donors’ bolster what’s more, are still on our knees


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“But we are still depending on donors’ bolster what’s more, are still on our knees We are just beginning to revamp our economy what’s more, reproduce our battered country so the visit is timely I think at the point when I speak, I talk for everybody in Sierra Leone – neediness is rife
“I’m not talking for the President yet at whatever point you talk to Sierra Leoneans they tell you the youth need jobs, they tell you joblessness is up That’s the ‘sing-song’ from the people ”
Churchgoers blended with Sunday customers this evening in the capital, Freetown, a run down city of present day structures what’s more, shanty-style abodes on the Atlantic coast
Many knew of the Prince’s visit which will see the beneficiary to the position of authority invited by a social gathering where cases of handiwork what’s more, conventional abilities – fundamental in the remaking of the country’s economy – will be on display
The edge dividers of the nearby golf club where the occasion will be held were crisply painted The site is yards from Freetown’s excellent Lumley beach Tomorrow the expansive span of white sand what’s more, the street in front of it is anticipated to be full of inhabitants what’s more, schoolchildren enthusiastically anticipating the Prince’s visit
The adjacent white dividers of the English High Commission were too being touched up with new paint by laborers in preparation for tomorrow’s event At the reception, the Ruler will too see amputee youngsters appearing off their ball skills
During the common war rebels hacked off the appendages of tens of thousands what’s more, conferred other atrocities After the gathering Charles is due to be authoritatively welcomed by the President what’s more, afterward this week will travel onto Nigeria for a visit of the country

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