Staggered Ian, 67, said: “The police who met me were attempting to be genuine yet I think it was as troublesome for them as it was for me


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Staggered Ian, 67, said: “The police who met me were attempting to be genuine yet I think it was as troublesome for them as it was for me
“I did consider contending that the shrubberies were wild, which would mean I would be inside my rights to pick the berries, be that as it may I didn’t need to squander any longer police time
“The alert implies I can’t be mischievous for a year
“Next time I go blackberry picking in the backwoods I will have to back my confront what’s more, wear a balaclava or, on the other hand I could get an ASBO ”
The experience started at the point when Ian what’s more, Bette, of Aylburton Normal close Lydney, Glos , delighted in a canalside walk close Macclesfield, Cheshire, in August
They spotted the shrubbery over a field so Ian jumped over a fence what’s more, gathered a few bunches
But a security watch at a close-by business premises – where Ian had stopped his Portage Mondeo – spotted him what’s more, noted down his enlistment plate from the CCTV footage
The video was given to Cheshire Constabulary, who afterward given the examination to their partners in Gloucestershire
Ian what’s more, Bette thought nothing more of it until officers from Gloucestershire police called at their home three months later
“When you think of all the hours of police time it took the police to track me down, it’s unbelievable,” said Ian
“You’d think the police up there would have had better things to do than find a retired person charged of picking a few berries I’d like to know how much it cost ” After being met at his nearby police station Ian was issued with a formal alert for theft
He is presently terrified of giving out the home-made stick to relatives just in case they are too charged with dealing with stolen goods
His spouse Bette, a mother-of-three, added: “In one way it’s very funny, be that as it may I think individuals are too irate they took this grumbling so truly what’s more, squandered all this time what’s more, money
“Instead of getting genuine lawbreakers they got my spouse to argue blameworthy to robbery so they could tick off a box which says they have done their work what’s more, illuminated another crime ”
A representative for Gloucestershire police said: “We can affirm a 67-year-old man from Lydney was forewarned under the Burglary Act on November 13
“We were acting as operators for Cheshire Constabulary in this matter what’s more, our as it were contribution was bringing about its transfer at their request
“When a wrongdoing has been conferred we are obligation bound to take action, nonetheless inconsequential the matter may appear
“It is worth bearing in mind that occasions that may appear inconsequential can have a exceptionally critical affect on the harmed parties included what’s more, that they may have more to them than it shows up at first “

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