“I can’t clear out him on his claim since of this video


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“I can’t clear out him on his claim since of this video It’s in his mind ”
Mrs Freeman said the film appeared a gathering of Chinese men devil-worshipping around a fire some time recently a wicked figure jumps out of the flames
Her son, who has beforehand overcome tension problems, was so bothered that he was constrained to look for restorative help, she said
“A companion of Lee’s observed it what’s more, she couldn’t rest for two nights,” she added
Mrs Freeman, 44, says it is the to begin with time her child has been influenced by observing something on the web or, on the other hand television
The adolescent seen the cut more than six weeks prior yet is still as well startled to be cleared out on his own, she said
The mother-of-three grumbled to YouTube, yet by at that point the video had been removed
She presently needs harder limitations what’s more, notices about recordings utilized on such websites
She said: “They ought to not appear this stuff They are tainting youthful people’s minds
“We need them to stop putting this stuff on their website since it’s sending individuals nuts ”
On Saturday night, a representative for the website said: “We don’t remark on person recordings yet we have a clear content strategy which restricts unlawful or, then again improper content to be uploaded
“Some recordings which fall inside our content arrangements are hailed by clients as possibly improper for all age groups
“Once flagged, we survey the recordings in question and, in the event that needed, confine them for under-18s “

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