4th R foundation: Emotional Intelligence Education is Wisdom Education Because the Bible is Clearly Showing us that Wisdom = Pure Self (Which in Science Terms) = Super Mature Emotional Intelligence

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August 4, 2012
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August 5, 2012

Disregarding every one of the steps that neuroscience and brain science have made we are still a long way from comprehension the genuine way of passionate knowledge. Nothing represents this point superior to the announcement from Steven Pinker, the main front line master on the brain. He says, "First, we don\’t see how the mind functions … surely not all around ok to outline Perfect world or to cure unhappiness." The mind chips away at passionate insight and in the event that we know enthusiastic knowledge we will know in any event how to fulfill the psyche and even plan Ideal world.

Passionate knowledge at the completely taught stage is none other than intelligence. When we recognize insight as enthusiastic knowledge, we will have the capacity to bridle passionate knowledge, the power behind the brain, all around ok, \’to plan Perfect world and cure misery.\’

We put under the magnifying lens of science all accessible learning on insight, from science, rationality and religion. We examined astuteness from each conceivable point and each conceivable source and we observed the sacred writings to be the greatest sound hotspot for every one of the hints to insight.

Why are we characterizing intelligence from the bits of knowledge of the sacred texts? The greatest pieces of information to astuteness are appropriate here in the Book of scriptures. With regards to intelligence, the Book of scriptures is route in front of reasoning and science. It was religion that initially perceived the need and significance for intelligence. It was religion that set up laws for man to take after the insight way by urging man to remain on the shrewd course through carrots and sticks. Governments on the exhortation of science and rationality pretty much took after the methods for religion by making their own particular laws to guarantee an insightful society. The main law the administrations changed was they made discipline without a moment\’s hesitation to prevent individuals from doing fiendish. Different sacred writings have comparative experiences yet to us the Book of scriptures has the most correct art of knowledge.

The as a matter of first importance logical knowledge that provided us the insight into astuteness originates from John 1:1:

"In the start was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God."

(This implies the principal errand before man is to get man\’s oath/thought/idea/conviction/confidence/comprehension of life as near reality as humanly conceivable. Getting the Expression of the Book of scriptures right is basic as God\’s Oath is as vital as God Himself.)

Astuteness as depicted by the Book of scriptures means, Intelligence is God! Which is not quite the same as God having intelligence. God is his Ascribes which comes down to God is Shrewdness and God is Unadulterated, God is Great. In this way shrewdness is great (as in great and abhorrent) and immaculate.

The sign to joy is clear from the Book of scriptures: "But the product of the Soul is love, satisfaction, peace, abstinence, graciousness, goodness, reliability, delicacy and poise. Against such things." – Galatians 5: 22-23. As God is Astuteness we can wake up to the way that, \’Yet the product of Intelligence is love, bliss, peace, patience, benevolence, goodness, unwaveringness, delicacy and restraint. Against such things.\’

John 1:1 likewise clarifies the very way of insight training. Astuteness training is not about having the learning of shrewdness it is about getting to be knowledge!

No big surprise the present intelligence training is a disappointment since everything we do is show astuteness, which comes down to man having the learning of insight while to wind up distinctly immaculate man needs to end up shrewdness.

The second sign originates from Beginning 1:27

"So God made man in his own image…"

Again Shrewdness is a natural character quality of God and as man is made in God\’s picture it means God\’s Credits must be an inborn character attribute of man as well. Along these lines the genuine savvy man is great and unadulterated; quite recently like God; to the degree humanly conceivable. So insight = Every one of the Qualities of God = every one of the properties of the humanly conceivable great/unadulterated man/self.

So for man to end up distinctly shrewd, man must get to be distinctly immaculate/great. In the first place man was immaculate Word. Satan tagged along and through Satan\’s statement man got to be distinctly sullied/fiendish/unmindful. The sole reason for the Book of scriptures is to show how man can get to be distinctly immaculate once more. All the Book of scriptures is stating is for man to wind up candidly in the picture of God. What is becoming in the picture of God? It intends to end up distinctly simply like God made us – immaculate/great/astute. The question is how can one get to be distinctly unadulterated once more?

Indeed, even the intimation for how to wind up distinctly savvy originates from John 3:3

"…no man can see the kingdom of God unless he is conceived again…"

The Book of scriptures is letting us know that we can get to be distinctly immaculate again by \’being conceived once more\’. What does \’being conceived once more\’ mean in science terms? It for all intents and purposes implies deconstructing and recreating the neural system of the cerebrum to make the mind inwardly super-develop/immaculate/great/astute. Consequently making the self immaculate once more.

Presently lets look at the immaculate self from the perspective of science.

There are approximately four levels of the brain thus there are four levels of individuals as takes after:

an) Untimely personality (- 2)…a absolutely egotistical severe nature. At this phase of the mind the youngster considers his own particular self as all reality. In his mind only he exists. One\’s own self is every one of that matters. Others don\’t consider at all they don\’t exist. Those at this mind level view themselves as exceedingly imperative and they fabricate gigantic landmarks to themselves and bury cash in illicit records dismissing and looting every last one. To accomplish their own objectives they mishandle their energy, submit outrages and manhandle human rights. Numerous nations on the planet are governed by this – 2 mind level pioneers. We should awaken the world to their – 2 enthusiastic personalities and its outcomes. Indeed the individuals who grow up sequentially yet are sincerely stuck at this post birth arrange show as despots, dictators, killers, hooligans and so on or are absolutely candidly tested. This level personality is immaculate underhandedness (or absolutely sincerely debilitated) and debased similarly as the Book of scriptures says, "Surely I was wicked at birth…" – Song 51:1

b) Juvenile personality (- 1)… a shrewd nature that will violate the law if the individual believes that he can escape with it. At this phase of the mind level the adolescent feels that despite the fact that he has no power today his time will come as he merits the best. He will attempt to satisfy his unbalanced dreams by snare or by evildoer. He views himself as most essential and will do everything to make it so in the event that he feels he can escape with submitting illicit acts. These psyches are to a great degree degenerate. They develop illicit fortunes at the cost of the nation and the regular man. Most underdeveloped nations have this level personality pioneers. This level personality is somewhat malevolent and unclean.

c) Develop mind (+1)… a mindful nature that regards the fairness of all. At this stage the grown-up mind views himself as first among equivalents. Regardless he battles to make the most for his own self. He works for his own family first and after that even helps other people. This level personality is a pretty much unadulterated self with the polluting influence of a trophy mental self portrait.

d) Super develop mind (+2)…an unselfish, caring human instinct. At this mind level the mind creates to the largest amount of enthusiastic insight which is shrewdness/immaculate/great/caring. The individual sees himself as a major aspect of the entire human family. He considers every other person as #1 regardless of standing and statement of faith, sexual orientation or financial status. Individuals who show themselves at this level truly work for the entire nation furthermore attempt their best to help other people. They treat all indistinguishable with the same benevolent regard. At this stage man is his immaculate self without any debasements/insidious/psychological weight. Such personalities are genuinely charitable, modest, insightful and immaculate. This mind level is controlled by super develop enthusiastic insight which has an indistinguishable properties from knowledge. In this manner super develop passionate knowledge is astuteness.

So we learn:

From John 1:1 we realize that God is Knowledge and Shrewdness is God. We likewise gain from comprehension the very way of the relationship amongst God and Shrewdness; Astuteness and God are fundamental parts/forces of each other.

From Beginning 1:27 we realize that man was made in God\’s picture.

Consolidating the lessons from John 1:1 and Beginning 1:27 we discover that man excessively has, (making it impossible to have) a similar association with knowledge; as man is made in the picture of God. Intelligence is man and man is astuteness and both man and insight are indispensable parts/substances of each other. So intelligence is an intrinsic part of the immaculate man. At any rate this is the means by which the great/unadulterated man should be.


1) Man was initially made with a similar character qualities as God. Man was made shrewd/unadulterated/great/inwardly super-savvy with no contamination/malicious/psychological weight.

2) Knowledge = Every one of the Qualities of God = great/immaculate man/self = free of all underhanded/polluting influence = super develop passionate insight = free of all psychological weight.

3) Shrewdness instruction is not about man having the information of insight it is about man getting to be knowledge! In this way intelligence training is mind treatment that physically/sincerely expels the psychological weight from the cerebrum. In this way knowledge instruction in science terms implies deconstructing and reproducing the neural system of the cerebrum to make the mind candidly super develop; by expelling the insidious/contamination/psychological weight from the cerebrum.

4) As shrewdness is super develop enthusiastic insight and on the grounds that passionate knowledge is a science term it implies immaculate/great/intelligence is additionally a science term.

5) As untimely enthusiastic knowledge makes crooks who in religious terms are shrewd clearly untimely passionate insight makes abhorrent.

6) Science needs to comprehend that the genuine way of passionate insight can be characterized by the genuine way of shrewdness as gave by the Book of scriptures. It is about making the self unadulterated which implies making the mind free of all psychological weight.

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