A New Nutrition Data API from Edamam to Serve Food and Wellness Businesses

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Edamam, an organization giving organized sustenance and nourishment information to organizations in the wellbeing, health and sustenance businesses declared today the arrival of its new Nourishment Information Programming interface.

The Nourishment Information Programming interface will permit organizations to do continuous investigation of the sustenance of any sustenance or fixing in a formula. Clients will have the capacity to enter in free content the data about the nourishment and Edamam\’s restrictive regular dialect handling calculations would separate and examine the sustenance giving data to more than 30 scratch supplements, including calories, fat, carbs, cholesterol, sodium and all vitamins and minerals. Likewise, the nourishment will be naturally labeled for allergen and its fittingness for all significant sustenance diets, including paleo, vegetarian, without gluten and more than twenty more.

\”We are reacting to client request. A hefty portion of our customers who have taken a gander at our Formula Investigation Programming interface, requested the capacity to do examination on individual fixings. These are wellbeing and health centered applications, sustenance benefit organizations and eating routine driven groups,\” remarked Victor Penev, Edamam\’s President and Author.

Supporters of the new Nourishment Information Programming interface would have the capacity to agree to a free trial and afterward select either a Fundamental or a Master arrange with get to charges of $99 and $499 a month separately. Cost of every fixing line investigation ranges shape one-tenth to a large portion of a penny.

\”Our objective is one day to end up distinctly the motor giving nourishment information to any business that may require it. In like manner, we always dispatch new administrations to address advertise issues,\” expounded Victor Penev.

About Edamam

Edamam arranges the world\’s nourishment learning and gives sustenance information administrations and esteem added answers for wellbeing, health and sustenance organizations. Utilizing a restrictive semantic innovation stage, it conveys constant nourishment investigation and eating regimen suggestions by means of APIs. Edamam\’s innovation helps clients respond in due order regarding their customers the lasting inquiry: \”What would it be advisable for me to eat?\”

Edamam\’s accomplices and customers incorporate The New York Times, Epicurious, Settle, General Factories, Samsung and ZeroCater.

For more data, please visit www.edamam.com or developer.edamam.com.

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