Meet the ‘most armed man in America’: Gun collector has 200 machine guns, 80 military vehicles, tanks and grenade launchers

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June 24, 2017
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A firearm gatherer known as the Winged serpent Man gloats himself as the most furnished man in America.

Mel Bernstein, 71, has more than 200 automatic rifles, 80 military vehicles and innumerable projectile launchers to his name.

Truth be told, Bernstein, initially from Brooklyn, New York, is so fixated on weapons that his room has many guns hung up on the divider – a circumstance that makes him feel ‘good’.


Bernstein has more than 37,000 devotees on Facebook, who look as he narratives his life on his 260-section of land plot of land in El Paso Area, Colorado, which he calls Winged serpent Land.

He earned his epithet from his mythical beast enlivened bike (imagined) that he designed in the 1970s in New York at his sibling’s bike shop, appending a monster head on a Harley Davidson.

Also, it’s earned Bernstein a remarkable reputation. Hundreds of end of the week guests come to shoot guns at his range or to visit his military exhibition hall.

It takes two hours to experience the immense unpredictable, as indicated by the Colorado Newspaper, which houses an accumulation worth upwards of $10million, with memorabilia going from World War I to Vietnam.

Bernstein’s weapon accumulation alone, he gauges, is worth around $8million.

There’s additionally a legitimately reconsidered World War II shelter, which flaunts projectile baffled pots and skillet and formally dressed mannequins positioned at hostile to flying machine bazookas.

Bernstein was hit by catastrophe when his significant other of 33 years, Terry, passed on in a mishap while taping for her Revelation Channel reality appear.

Terry was hit by two smoke bombs in June 2012, which were going at a speed of 150mph, while the team was attempting to make smoky condition for the show to delineate a war.

Bernstein says that he lost his closest companion that day.

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