Pennsylvania police put $1,600 of crack cocaine in ‘lost and found’ in the hopes of reuniting it with its rightful owner

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A stunning $1,600 worth of rocks has been placed in a police headquarters’ ‘lost and discovered box’ with the thin any expectation of rejoining the medications with its legitimate proprietor.

Officers from the Wilkes Barre Township Police in northeastern Pennsylvania say they found the medications in a parking area in a Facebook post, featured ‘Discovered ITEM,’ and have solicited the proprietor from the reserve to approach in rather pie in the sky yet hilarious request.

The post read: ‘The Wilkes Barre Township Police is looking to rejoin rocks and the individual that that lost it in the Center Parking area.

‘We would prefer not to see you lose your employment …..or far and away more terrible in light of the fact that you coincidentally dropped the medications in a parking garage where a child could have discovered it.’

The post asked for a photo of the break’s proprietor holding the medication, alongside ID and a ‘composed explanation containing your claim to the split.’

The ask for finished up: ‘On the off chance that you might want to recover the generous measure of item from our lost and discovered box, please stop by 150 Watson Road in Wilkes Barre Township, Pennsylvania with a photo of you holding the recuperated things, recognizable proof and a composed explanation containing your claim to the split.’

The post pulled in many remarks, the majority of which commended the police’s comical inclination.

One composed: ‘I might want to recognize the Wilkes-Barre Township Police Division for keeping up the immense work to guard their group.

‘It’s likewise wonderful to see their comical inclination beside everything else these officers manage once a day.’

Another stated: ‘I wish we had a police dept. Like this in my town. I truly can’t even. This is extraordinary!’

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