ABT-TRAC Introduces Two New Products at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show

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November 5, 2016
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November 6, 2016

ABT-TRAC reported two new items for the yacht showcase at the Ft Lauderdale Universal Pontoon Demonstrate today. eTRAC is another electric actuator for TRAC dynamic balance stabilizer frameworks. The eTRAC Electric Stabilizer framework gives execution levels that meet or beat other air conditioning stabilizer frameworks, while offering almost the same legitimate balancing out execution, subject to vessel air conditioning power accessibility, as TRAC water driven stabilizer frameworks. Both eTRAC and TRAC water driven use an elite three-mode framework which gives the administrator more control decisions than some other stabilizer framework available, offering a triumphant blend of execution, adaptability and solace. TRAC engineers outlined eTRAC with a hearty power transmission framework that uses a special, electric engine controlled, rotational drive framework in lieu of a water powered actuator. This basic rotational drive is the foundation of TRAC\’s prevalent electric stabilizer outline. The outcome is a smooth, exquisite arrangement that is easy to introduce without bargaining execution. eTRAC gives incredible adjustment in progress and very still, utilizing STAR – (Adjustment Very still).

TRACLink is an incorporated CANBus control for TRAC stabilizers, thrusters, and assistant pressure driven burdens. TRACLink control permits different touch screen boards and thruster control stations to be associated by means of straightforward system links. Thrusters, stabilizers and helper power through pressure can be controlled from a similar touch screen. TRACLink effectively interfaces with ordinarily utilized yacht Euphoria STICK control frameworks. TRAC thrusters can be decisively controlled to move the vessel to the dock and hold it there. Double windlass control is accessible from the touch screen.

For more than 25 years, ABT-TRAC has been building imaginative items for the marine business. ABT-TRAC created the main yacht stabilizer blade with a winglet, expanding lift and diminishing drag, and was among the first to offer twin counter-pivoting propeller thrusters with expanded push.

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