APW Members Declare Sanders \”The Parallel Politician\”

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January 28, 2016
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January 29, 2016

A week ago, AParallelWorld.com, a site devoted to helping Americans move to a manageable way of life, studied its 1,000 individuals about which presidential applicant they thought to be the most \”parallel.\” A strong 90% of the respondents picked Bernie Sanders. APW individuals were requested that look at every applicant\’s position with respect to vitality, transportation, sustenance security, customer rights, autonomous media and institutional back.

In announcing back the aftereffects of the study to its individuals, the APW overhaul asserted that its staff was not shocked at the Sanders avalanche. What surprised them, they conceded, was minimal known Green Gathering competitor, Jill Stein coming in second, in front of third-place victor Hillary Clinton.

The overview requested that APW individuals rate ten presidential competitors on six inquiries mirroring the maintainability worries of the site. The inquiries included:

* Which applicant best backings renewable innovation and assets?

* Which hopeful best backings elective energizes?

* Which hopeful best backings solid, economically developed non-GMO sustenance in our schools and on our tables?

* Which competitor best backings autonomous media, unhindered internet and free discourse?

* Which competitor best backings neighborhood saving money and loaning as a contrasting option to huge banks?

* Which hopeful backings considering Money Road and enormous banks responsible to people in general?

The point by point results were given toward the finish of the report. Of the Republican field, just Donald Trump gathered more than one percent. Said Gershon Siegel, APW News Proofreader, \”Our participation is to a great extent made out of individuals worried about manageability in a period of environmental change. In all trustworthiness, we didn\’t think a field of Republicans, which to a man denies environmental change, would passage exceptionally well among our statistic.\”

Nor was APW organizer, Alan Hoffman, stunned over the review comes about while clarifying the thought process behind taking the study. \”As more individuals find out about reasonable move, we pondered which competitor would work to secure our entitlement to pick maintainable items and administrations. We weren\’t too astonished,\” conceded Hoffman.

As an impetus for individuals to partake in the study, a $100 prize was offered in an irregular drawing of sections. A moment $100 prize is to be granted as the study proceeds through the Iowa Gathering and the New Hampshire Essential. Take an interest in the overview HERE.

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