AgilQuest in New Case Study by WorkDesign Magazine Exploring General Services Administration\’s Transformation of 1800F Building

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AgilQuest, a Richmond, VA programming organization having some expertise in arrangements intended to individuals make the working environment more spry, is highlighted unmistakably in a shocking contextual analysis video and friend record itemizing the aftereffects of the General Administrations Organization\’s (GSA) tremendously effective change of their base camp at 1800 F Road NW in Washington D.C.

The contextual investigation, created by Work Outline magazine, an advanced distributing bunch that investigates work environment culture, research, and configuration, incorporates interviews with pioneers at GSA, AgilQuest specialists, plan and engineering accomplice Gensler, and key faculty from The Building Individuals, a corporate land and offices consultancy. The points of interest and story behind this government achievement are partaken in the printed contextual investigation and uncovered alongside flawless film of the notable 1800 F Road home office inside in a short-however capable video.

In the fall of 2013, when the building re-opened, not as much as half of the representatives of the GSA, the US Government organization in charge of overseeing near 375 million square feet of elected office space, touched base to work in the recently remodeled central station.

Considering the Telecommuting Improvement Act passed a simple three years prior, and an official request ordering government organizations dispense with unused office space, the lessening of countenances around the workplace by encouraging a 2:1 laborer to-workspace proportion was a colossal achievement.

With AgilQuest\’s Locally available work environment administration framework, combined with the Officer BI investigation stage and re-marked as BookIT, not exclusively does the building bolster 4,400 representatives with just 2,200 work areas, GSA spared $24 million by transforming six leases into one, an extra $7-8 million by sharing administration costs, and a yearly 16 million kilowatts of vitality, keeping away from 16 metric huge amounts of CO2.

The video highlights interviews with AgilQuest, originators and modelers required with the venture, including GSA\’s working environment technique accomplice and inside designer, Gensler, agents once in the past included with the venture at present with The Building Individuals, a corporate land and offices consultancy.

The video and partner record are accessible at To arrange a printed copy of the review, visit

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