Air Force Veteran Isaias Allen Announces Release of First Science Fiction Book to debut \’Chino\’s Lightning: The Origins\’ on January 7, 2016

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Allen is an Aviation based armed forces veteran who endeavors to be a top of the line creator. Through his organization, Books Of The Divine beings, Allen makes books composed with affection, thoughtfulness, and positive musings that are propelled by God.

Chino\’s Lightning: The Starting points recounts the tale of Chino, who experiences another and outsider living thing before being compelled to fight Turmoil. The sci-fi, activity pressed story will be accessible for buy for $0.99 for Niche and Arouse on January 7. As per Allen, each of his works are intended to be a magnum opus. \”The outcome is an item that takes you on a voyage that investigates the external furthest reaches of creative ability. Women and courteous fellows, these books are what you have been sitting tight for,\” said Allen.

Allen is right now planning interviews amid his book visit, and his developing fan base has prompted to another site, Facebook page, Snap-talk record, and that\’s just the beginning. Fans can even request stock, for example, shirts, from the site\’s store.

Allen is eager to declare the arrival of his sci-fi book and anticipates discharging up and coming books soon. As a Latino, Aviation based armed forces veteran, and Christian, he is breaking obstructions as a sci-fi creator. While Chino\’s Lightning: The Beginnings takes perusers on an epic adventure, Allen can guarantee perusers that his perfect work of art is composed with a positive message.

Books Of The Divine beings offers more data about Allen, and also his works. Fans can discover membership and store points of interest, and media talk with data can likewise be found, at beings

About Books Of The Divine beings

Books Of The Divine beings includes a few books composed with affection, graciousness, and positive contemplations by Isaias Allen roused by God.


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