Antoinette Montague: Live Interview on WBGO 88.3 FM Sunday, November 26 at 12:00 Noon

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November 21, 2006 – Antoinette Montague is a jazz artist who routinely performs at numerous New York City settings, engaging gatherings of people with her perfectly clear tone, her range and her passionate power. Her presentation Disc \”Pretty Blues\” was as of late discharged and is accessible available to be purchased, downloads and circles, from her site [url] [/url]

In the music world, jazz and blues have a long history as close associates, yet artist Antoinette Montague joins those classes in sacred marriage on her introduction collection, PRETTY BLUES.

The expression \”Pretty Blues\” is just another method for depicting Antoinette\’s lively blues. Her quality is consolidating the genuine enthusiasm of the blues with the refinement of jazz. Her style can be capable one minute and delicate and-fragile the following. Her hearty and heartfelt voice achieves directly into the heart of the audience.

\”Now and again I have been known as a jazz artist who can belt the blues, and different circumstances they say I am a blues vocalist who can swing with a jazz band,\” states Montague. \”I couldn\’t care less. I am only upbeat to be a vocalist. Period. I\’m simply giving it a chance to stream anyway it goes. Obviously I blend jazz and blues. It\’s common to take the greater part of your motivations and mix them together. You likewise may hear me toss in a little gospel, R&B, Motown soul or enormous band stylings. We expand on what preceded. The exemplary illustration is Billie Holliday, who was affected by Bessie Smith\’s blues, yet Billie took it into to a greater degree a jazz heading.\”

For PRETTY BLUES, Montague collected a top band of a portion of the best jazz experts in the nation with an abundance of credits – musician Mulgrew Mill operator (Woody Shaw, Craftsmanship Blakey, Betty Carter, Branford Marsalis, Cassandra Wilson, Dianne Reeves), tenor saxophonist and flute player Charge Easley (Duke Ellington Symphony, Benny Carter, Ruth Chestnut, George Benson, Dee Bridgewater, Isaac Hayes, Dakota Staton), drummer Kenny Washington (Lee Konitz, Betty Carter, Bleary eyed Gillespie, Clark Terry, Joshua Redman, Phil Woods), and bassist Dwindle Washington (Workmanship Blakey, Benny Green, Lionel Hampton, Marlena Shaw, Freddie Hubbard, Michal Urbaniak). Montague co-delivered with melodic executive Kenny Washington while Mill operator contributed courses of action.

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