Aristoleo(TM) Test Kit Identifies the Healthiest Olive Oils in the World

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Artemis Union Inc. reports the Aristoleo(TM) Test Unit, another Greek innovation for measuring huge wellbeing advancing phenolic mixes in olive oil: oleocanthal and oleacein. Aristoleo Test pack is a hand held \’lab in a vial\’ that rapidly measures the empowerment of olive oil. High Phenolic Additional Virgin Olive Oil (HPOO) is another class construct in light of organoleptic qualities, as well as more critically on logical testing and demonstrated wellbeing claims.

\”Aristoleo Test Pack finds the most advantageous and most noteworthy phenolic olive oils. We are giving a chance to rethink the esteem and the utilization of this prevalent healthful nourishment,\” said Marilyn Harding, Chief of Artemis Organization together Inc.

\”We tried the Aristoleo model a year ago in our olive factory and I additionally utilize it to show the prevalence of our olive oil over our clients,\” said Spyros Dafnis, proprietor of honor winning The Representative brand. \”Corfu up until two years prior had a notoriety for delivering underneath normal olive oil. Today, because of Aristoleo Test Pack and Magiatis – Melliou investigate, Corfu Island is presently delivering one of the most astounding phenolic olive oils on the planet.\”

Aristoleo offers a noteworthy upper hand for industry members all through the olive oil industry: olive cultivators, olive plants, marking organizations, deals arranges and additionally mainstream researchers. It is a basic and exact strategy that can be utilized by all experts to test the genuine wellbeing estimation of their olive oil.

\”It\’s an awesome instrument that we utilize routinely for in house assessment of superb olive oil. Economical, speedy and dependable,\” said Kostas Peimanidis of Agrovim, the biggest olive oil maker and exporter in Kalamata, Greece.

Buyers will now have the capacity to effectively distinguish the most advantageous olive oil brands worldwide that are confirmed with respect to high phenolic mixes. Oleocanthal\’s mitigating and Oleacein\’s hostile to oxidant properties are being considered for the counteractive action or potentially treatment of an assortment of diseases. Worldwide logical research keeps on affirming the medical advantages of standard utilization of high phenolic additional virgin olive oil.

Aristoleo Test Unit depends on the Magiatis-Melliou strategy and is checked by Atomic Attractive Reverberation (NMR) at the College of Athens. Research was financed by Artemis Collusion Inc. a Canadian organization that is centered around all encompassing way of life, research and advancement.

Aristoleo is expected for expert utilize just and will be accessible available to be purchased in the EU (European Union) on September 22, 2015.

Artemis Collusion Inc. is a Canadian Organization in quest for key unions in comprehensive way of life research and advancement with an attention on Hellenic culture and sustenance.

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