Art! Vancouver 2016 Artist Spotlight: Adam Colangelo Launch Quest Tours in New York and London
April 27, 2016
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April 28, 2016

Craftsmanship! Vancouver is pleased to declare that Ontario-based craftsman Adam Colangelo will display at Workmanship! Vancouver 2016, Western Canada\’s global craftsmanship reasonable.

It\’s a relationship that started in his granddad\’s workshop. At the point when Adam Colangelo initially explored different avenues regarding pieces of copper amid his developmental years, he had no chance to get of realizing that the medium would profoundly affect his life. In the years since, Colangelo has discovered guarantee in this amazingly adaptable medium.

Colangelo\’s extensive scale organizations address his comprehension of copper and his interests in testing the way we see and decipher two-dimensional craftsmanship. His procedure is orderly, relentless, and tedious. By utilizing different systems, Colangelo presents a variety of patinas and completes so rich in detail, every little section of his sytheses offers its own hearty reflection.

Colangelo\’s mark outline components show a combination between the geometric and natural. His no nonsense scenes all the while incorporate visual references to the world, while being established in framework like reflection. The dynamic nature of his work is a gesture to an existentialist conviction that, similar to Colangelo\’s self-found style, we are allowed to decide our own particular relationship to the outside world.

Colangelo has shown works in Toronto, New York, Chicago, Palm Shoreline, and Tokyo. His work has been obtained for private and corporate accumulations in the Assembled States and Canada. Go to Workmanship! Vancouver 2016, from May 26 to May 29 at the Vancouver Tradition Center, to experience Comfort Arrangement and a hefty portion of Colangelo\’s different works.

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About Craftsmanship! Vancouver

Craftsmanship! Vancouver is Western Canada\’s just worldwide expressive arts reasonable and highlights nearby and universal specialists and exhibitions. The reasonable incorporates a different gathering of exhibitors, alongside a Premiere night Occasion runway appear and a broad speaker arrangement. Craftsmanship! Vancouver was established by Executive Lisa Wolfin, a proficient craftsman and guardian, with its inaugural reasonable in 2015. The occasion pulls in worldwide guests with a bona fide energy for craftsmanship, including a scope of compelling, imaginative and refined experts.

Craftsmanship! Vancouver 2016 is exhibited by DeSerres, Canada\’s pioneer in craftsmanship, specialty and DIY pastime supplies. DeSerres has been the showing supporter of Workmanship! Vancouver since its origin in 2015. DeSerres has a rich history of supporting craftsmen and inventiveness all through Canada. To discover more about Workmanship! Vancouver\’s accomplices and backers please visit:

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