Atlanta Rap Artist Jean Deau is Winning Big by Defying the Status Quo and Marches to a Different Drummer

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Brought up from the roads of Atlanta, Georgia, enters prospering rapper, Jean Deau. Deau learned at an early age that wrong decisions could either represent the moment of truth you. At only 16, he made a wrong turn with the law and thusly, needed to serve 10 years in jail. Looking for a new beginning, Deau chose to center in around expounding on the encounters that molded his present world. Concentrated on the vision of turning into an encouraging sign for his companions, group, and those confronting affliction by and large, he dove into his music vocation to smash the negative intentions connected with those who\’ve had an unpleasant past.

Deau credits his thoughts and ideas to hail from both his road and Islamic foundation. \”I was just 16 when I got my case so I fundamentally experienced childhood in jail,\” he says. \”I served 10 years so you can envision a considerable measure of my topic depends on those experiences…I for the most part discuss how pulverizing & dehumanizing jail is and how I never need to backpedal.\”

Getting away from his world, while concentrating on Islamic standards learned, Deau started to make strides in the correct course, with music being the concentration purpose of his future. Once discharged, he started to consistently take an interest in different open mics & non mainstream

craftsman features in Atlanta, Georgia, Sarasota, Florida, and Charlotte, North Carolina. \”My music exhibits that diligent work, ability, and devotion can transform a negative circumstance into a positive result and made progress.\”

His melodic impacts run between standard heavyweights, for example, Tupac, Outkast, T.I., Goody Crowd, Scarface, Nas, Jay-Z, Famous B.I.G., to road top picks, for example, The Lox, 8 Ball and MJG, UGK, to give some examples.

Mu\’min Muzic LLC is an autonomous record mark in Atlanta, Georgia.

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