Automobile Cloud Control Service App \’AhCha\’ Launched

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April 19, 2016
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At long last in Korea, a moderate and simple cloud-sort vehicle control framework gets to be distinctly accessible. Spacosa(, simply reported it propelled AhCha, a car control benefit that costs next to no to utilize.

Spacosa has effectively made itself known with its school transport area notice benefit \”Kindergarten for CatchLoc,\” and it will improve itself known with making its administration accessible for coordinations.

AhCha can not just screen the area and developments of the autos constant, however can likewise give time calendar of the autos. This implies it can discover where the auto is and where the auto is going, and tell the clients with messages and telephone calls.

AhCha can be utilized for transports, taxis, school transports, carry transports, trucks, cranes, furthermore autos. It needn\’t bother with an additional gadget to be introduced in the autos, which can spare cost of introducing the costly vehicle control framework.

The drivers simply introduce the application in their cell phones, and the chief can screen the autos with a PC. It gets to be distinctly accessible to use in only one stage of introducing an application. The month to month cost of utilizing this administration is just around 10 USD per auto.

Cho Charm ju, the President of Spacosa, stated, \”After we propelled \”Kintergarten for CatchLoc,\” we got heaps of demand to build up a control framework for coordinations. We made AhCha to make it workable for organizations with numerous autos to utilize our administration.\” Spacosa is wanting to extend its support of golf trucks and different sorts of cars in not so distant future.

Spacosa, the producer of Bluetooth reference point connection and \”CatchLoc,\” the ongoing area observing framework, got silver prize from China\’s Yesky in GMV 2014 and second prize from TechCrunch with \”Famy.\”

SPACOSA Trim. is a South Korea based organization, established in2012. It has grown constant area following stage, Get LOC. Get LOC organizations to get exact continuous area with better administration. It indicates ongoing area to client that empower organization to connect with and hold clients. SPACOSA Corp. has been adjusting area following only for a long time, prompt to runner up in Tech Crunch Seoul and prized by China primary communicate. SPACOSA Corp. gather the more than 200 Million of area information month to month to give ideal area following answer for organization.

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