BackDrop In For The Holidays: Affordable Upholstered Headboard Makes Your Bed and Company Feel Right at Home

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It\’s the most great time, or is it? This Christmas season is anticipated to convey more anxiety and guests to the home front as purchasers dump fascinating excursions for cash sparing visits to loved ones, which raises the question, \”Is your visitor room prepared for organization?\”

Our new Background do-it-without anyone else\’s help headboards are the reasonable approach to make your informal lodging feel comfortable. Scenery is the progressive new headboard that joins an upholstered slipcover with an inflatable air pad. This combination of style and solace in a flash changes the look of any room, at costs that begin at $79.99.

The patent-pending plan gives agreeable support to you or your vacation visitors when perusing, sitting in front of the television or relaxing in bed, and the instruments free establishment finishes your room makeover in under 5 minutes.

Setting upholstered headboards are sold as an entire set, including an upholstered slipcover, air pad, electric pump, and divider tabs all in one pack. You can discover the item online at and or at Bed, Shower and Past stores across the country.

So proceed, let your loved ones drop in for the occasions! With many styles and textures to browse, Scenery MakesYour Bed!

Setting upholstered headboards are made and disseminated by Levinsohn Material Organization, Inc., a 65 year old family-possessed business.. For more data on our item, visit or call 724-535-7787 for client benefit. For press request, contact Lisa Rayner Tush at 404-803-0611 or

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