Barclays Stockbrokers launches new FTSE 100 investment note in time for ISA season

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March 17, 2007

Walk 16, 2007 – The Speculation Note offers a six year venture which toward the end of the term:

– Reimburses capital contributed

– Pays an arrival of 140% of any development in the FTSE 100 file

– Capacity to bargain in Speculation Notes with Barclays Stockbrokers benefit however deal before the development can bring about loss of capital

– Barclays Stockbrokers offers far reaching ISA recommendation

Barclays Stockbrokers has reported the dispatch of another capital secured Speculation Note to tie in with ISA season. Connected to the execution of the FTSE 100 list it is a six year development speculation intended to deliver capital reimbursement and an arrival of 140% of any ascent in the FTSE 100 record toward the end of the term.

The Note is qualified to be held in a Barclays Stockbrokers Self-Select ISA account. It will be recorded on the London Stock Trade and is completely capital ensured if held until development. For those financial specialists needing to exchange routinely they can open and store an ISA record and arrangement through the Barclays Stockbrokers site.

Amy Nauiokas, MD and Head of Barclays Stockbrokers says:

\”The dispatch of this note has been coordinated to focus on those financial specialists looking to contribute their 7000 ISA stipend and especially for those speculators trying to shield their capital while as yet profiting by any ascent in the FTSE 100 list more than six years. Our first FTSE Note was exceptionally mainstream at dispatch and has been our customers\’ most loved Venture Note to date. Speculation Notes have turned out to be engaging customers searching for effective access to business sectors with the additional straightforwardness of recorded values and the upside equipping and capital assurance of conventional organized items.\”

According to earlier years, Barclays Stockbrokers is again giving a far reaching ISA suggestion this ISA season. Through opening an ISA with Barclays Stockbrokers, speculators have the decision of choosing a self-select or oversaw account. Managing charges include a level expense of 7.50 an exchange when financial specialists exchange online all the more then ten circumstances a quarter, generally its 12 an exchange.

With a Self-Select ISA, financial specialists have admittance to more than 600 subsidizes through Barclays Stores Showcase with a most extreme beginning charge of 1.5%. Barclays Stockbrokers has additionally presented incorporates nine hazard and return profile support wicker bin which less experienced financial specialists may wish to hold inside their ISA. These comprise of a gathering of four assets with an advantage designation overlaid; which are successfully smaller than usual portfolios which you purchase as a unit with Barclays recommended resource allotment.

Amy Nauiokas, MD and Head of Barclays Stockbrokers proceeds:

\”Financial specialists are progressively looking for snappy and simple approaches to benefit as much as possible from their ISA recompense and Barclays Stockbrokers is doing this by offering an extensive variety of reserve and division decisions to address the issues of various speculators.\”

When the offer time frame for the new Speculation Note initiates, financial specialists will have admittance to the item at a settled cost solely through Barclays Stockbrokers. At the point when the Notes start exchanging on the London Stock Trade mid April 2007, financial specialists will have the capacity to profit by extra liquidity and adaptability like values. Now, there will be ten Venture Notes accessible to exchange the auxiliary market on the London Stock Trade.

Alternate Notes include:

– Elective Vitality Venture Note

– Worldwide Framework Speculation Note

– FTSE 100 Capital Secured Speculation Note

– Worldwide Quickening agent Venture Note

– Nikkei 225 Supertracker Venture Note

– Vitality Connected Capital Secured Speculation Note

– China Supertracker Venture Note

– EURO STOXX 50 Capital Secured Speculation Note

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