BeWarned Makes a Significant Motion in The World of The Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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Accessible today BeWarned application helps the hard of hearing and almost deaf recognize risky sounds, speak with individuals, put forth brings in defense of crisis and move.

\”We made an application, that enlarges the impression of the world by the hard of hearing and in need of a hearing aide,\” – says Vitaliy Potapchuk, prime supporter of BeWarned and legitimately hard of hearing himself.

After an expansive scale beta-testing among the USA inhabitants (88,9% positive audits) BeWarned dealt with proposals identified with components clients might want to find in the application. Subsequently, BeWarned\’s stage comprises of four elements:

1. Sound Screen distinguishes hints of conceivable risk continuously. In the event of a risky circumstance, it advises the client about it with the assistance of glimmering lights and vibration signals.

2. Associate helps the hard of hearing and nearly deaf impart in the general public. Clients can talk with each other by means of extraordinary discourse and make a boundless number of expression formats to discuss immediately with a man of intrigue.

3. Move gives clients a chance to feel the musicality of the melodies utilizing vibration, blazing lights and visual equalizer on the screen of the cell phone. Along these lines the hard of hearing and nearly deaf may \”involvement\” the music and move to it.

4. Crisis Call is valuable at whatever point the client needs to educate their contact individual about current crisis.

The application is for nothing out of pocket for all clients. You can download it from AppStore for-hard of hearing hard/id990607348 and Google Play

BeWarned is a startup that is worked in creating programming and equipment for the hard of hearing and almost deaf. On the off chance that you might want additional data with respect to BeWarned, go to

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