Cyclists to be hit with massive $476 on-the-spot fines for ‘deadly practice’ of texting while riding – the same as drivers get for using their phone

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Beginning this Saturday cyclists in Victoria will be pummeled with enormous on-the-spot fines for utilizing their telephones while riding.

The new decides imply that fines for cyclists utilizing telephones will coordinate those for drivers of different vehicles, and police will have the ability to issue them instantly.

The $476 punishment will even apply to bicycles that are stationary, and bikes should be stopped for a fine to be kept away from.

Cyclists will have the capacity to utilize telephones that are mounted on their bicycles, that are not being held by the rider, or that are utilized for route, The Age reports.

Victorian Pastor for Streets and Street Wellbeing Luke Donnellan said the new principles were expected to ‘stop the perilous and conceivably lethal routine with regards to cyclists utilizing their telephones while riding.’

‘Regardless of whether you’re driving an auto or riding a bicycle – you shouldn’t be on your telephone – so we’re giving police the ability to issue an on-the-spot fine when they find riders doing the wrong thing,’ he said.

The new guidelines were suggested by a report discharged by Vic Streets in 2015, which highlighted the trouble police confront in prosecuting irritating cyclists.

The report noticed that 80 cyclists were slaughtered in Victoria  from 2004 to 2013, yet contained no information on the part telephone utilize plays in bike crashes.

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