Bench Soft Receives 2016 CES Innovation Awards with \”No Plugging\” USB Flash Memory

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November 18, 2015
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November 19, 2015

Seat Delicate (President Lee Dong-hun) has gathered much consideration from the market with its exceptional kind of USB memory gadget.

\”Xl.i.CON Streak Memory\” is Seat Delicate\’s USB streak memory that sticks like a magnet when it is utilized with its clever iPhone cell phone case made with the X-Connect innovation. CES perceived Seat Delicate\’s wonderful thought, and gave the honor to the USB streak memory and case set.

The CES Advancement Honors is held each Januaray in Las Vegas. It has offered honor to a wide cluster of exceptional gadgets, from cell phones to wearable gadgets, and gaming gadgets to 3D printers.

The smarphone case known by the item name \”Xl.i.CON Case,\” which is utilized together with the attractive USB streak memory, has both D+/D-of USB principles and 2pin for power at the four contact focuses to make it basic and simple to associate with PCs, sounds, and cars that bolster USB interface.

\”Xl.i.CON Streak Memory\” can be associated with iPhones with \”Xl.i.CON Case.\” It gloats information transmitting innovation by means of an attractive sort port, rather than an embed sort one.

The remote charger \”Xl.i.CON PowerBank\” for iPhone 6s, which was propelled on the U.S. crowdfunding site Kickstarter last September, likewise utilizes Seat Delicate\’s X-Connect attractive port to charge the telephone. The charging pace is as quick as that of customary wire chargers, yet does not relinquish the vitality effectiveness.

One Seat Delicate authority stated, \”The X-Connect that we created is an inventive innovation that can be connected to different items, including assistant batteries, docks, and USB drives, and in addition computerized headphones. This year, we will feature a sum of three items at CES 2016, and we will likewise create video gadgets, including 4K and warm cameras.\”

Notwithstanding its honor winning item, Seat Delicate has propelled computerized headphones and USB Centers, which likewise use X-Interface innovation.

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