Bosnian Woman\’s Face Restored by Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Zoran Potparic ( was in the U.S. at a therapeutic gathering when war emitted in Sarajevo, and he\’s stayed away forever since, getting to be distinctly a standout amongst the most regarded plastic specialists in Stronghold Lauderdale. He as of late returned to that time, however, when he gave the endowment of his administrations to a Bosnian lady deformed in a 1992 bomb impact that killed her child sibling and grandma.

\”This extraordinary chance to help a person in a circumstance like this is one reason I turned into a plastic specialist,\” says Dr. Z., as he\’s lovingly known. \”It is a decent blessing that our surgical group could give to somebody like Vildana, who has defeat tremendous misfortune in her life. It makes me pleased.\”

Vildana Briga was 11 years of age in August 1992 and playing in her front yard in Sarajevo with her sibling when a bomb detonated. She was seriously harmed, and her sibling, 17 months old, and grandma were killed. Dr. Potparic had left the nation just a couple of months prior.

Briga endured a head harm in the impact, creating significant harm to her brow and the region around her correct eye. She lost the eye and was cleared to France, where she experienced various surgeries to repair the injuries. She stayed distorted, nonetheless, and was told a couple of years prior that nothing should be possible to enhance her appearance.

Dr. Potparic knew about Briga\’s predicament through a family companion, who knew about his reconstructive plastic surgery work in Fortification Lauderdale with different patients like Briga. In the wake of trading a few messages, the specialist proposed Briga go to the U.S. for surgery.

The underlying system happened at Broward Wellbeing Restorative Center in December 2014 as Dr. Potparic modified Briga\’s temple and orbital bone structure of the correct eye. He finished the fourth and last surgery in October 2015, and Briga, now a legal advisor in Bosnia, says she is content with the outcomes.

\”I\’m considerably more joyful than I was hoping to be,\” says Briga after her last operation. \”Presently the symmetry of my eyebrow is extremely pleasant. I have symmetry on both sides, which I haven\’t had for as long as 20 years. It\’s been a win, I think.\”

Dr. Potparic, who additionally performs restorative techniques, for example, rhinoplasty, facelift, eyelid surgery, and tummy tuck surgery that are prevalent in Stronghold Lauderdale, has dedicated quite a bit of his practice to facial and craniofacial reproduction. He says repairing and revamping harmed tissue, elements, structure, and appearance helps patients recapture certainty in the wake of anguish traumatic wounds.

\”There are such a variety of present day microsurgical and different strategies, including halfway or full face transplants, now for reconstructive surgery that empower plastic specialists to repair structures that would not have been conceivable to spare years prior,\” Dr. Potparic says. \”It\’s to a great degree remunerating to be a piece of a claim to fame that gives would like to people, for example, Vildana.\”

Dr. Zoran Potparic ( is a board-confirmed plastic specialist in Post Lauderdale, Florida, who offers patients cutting edge surgical strategies he\’s sharpened through understanding and preparing in the U.S. what\’s more, Europe. He is the beneficiary of prestigious worldwide partnerships, including a Fulbright, an English Committee association, and spends significant time in restorative and reconstructive plastic surgery for the face and body. Dr. Potparic\’s practice offers a scope of surgical and nonsurgical stylish techniques.

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