Bryan Hyde to Speak at Western Freedom Festival – Legacy of Freedom Conference

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A few Utah Chose Authorities have united to compose an occasion to respect, pay regard, and vow proceeded with support to safeguard Western Culture, Way of life, Legacy, Family Qualities and Opportunity.

The \”Western Flexibility Celebration\” will be held October 23rd in Cedar City, Utah.

Essayist and Speaker Bryan Hyde will talk at the Legacy of Opportunity Meeting that is a part of The Western Flexibility Celebration. Mr. Hyde will show the subject of \”THE Force OF THE INDIVIDUAL – WHAT Would I be able to DO?\” Bryan Hyde is a communicator of extraordinary thoughts. A veteran radio character and essayist, Bryan empowers his audience members and perusers to think past the 3×5 file card of endorsed supposition in shaping their own perspectives. He additionally serves as a guide and speaker for Monticello School where he instructs First experience with the Incomparable Books courses on the web.

Bryan is an alum of School of Southern Idaho and George Wythe College and remains a long lasting learner. He and his better half Becky are the guardians of six astounding youngsters.

The Legacy of Flexibility Gathering will highlight an entire day of instructive learning openings with meeting tracks including Open Terrains, Government Points of interest & Disappointments, and States Rights. The occasion likewise incorporates instructive effort open doors for grade school understudies through a \”Trust of America\” exposition challenge. The occasion will finish up with a Live Show by Blue grass Music Star Darryl Worley.

The Western Opportunity Celebration is expected to commend our legacy and culture and convey attention to the endeavors that are adversely affecting those societies, conventions, and ways of life. Occasion coordinators trust Western culture and custom is under strike and that moderate family values, confidence, diligent work and entrepreneurism is being dislodged by antagonism toward these qualities. The occasion coordinators feel that, genuine dedicated Americans are being made bankrupt, focused on and victimized and whole enterprises subordinate upon characteristic assets are being devastated while riches building employments keep on being outsourced to outside countries. The Western Opportunity Celebration is an endeavor to instruct the world about the negative effect dynamic strategies are having on the wellbeing, security and welfare of residents in the West.

Press Province Magistrate David Mill operator states \”Bryan is an astounding author, speaker and communicator, We are excited to have Bryan as a major aspect of our occasion.\”

Beaver Region Official Check Whitney Expressed \”Bryan\’s viewpoint is one that each individual needs to listen, Bryan\’s contemplations and thoughts are flawless, Bryan is an awesome expansion to our occasion\”

The Western Opportunity Celebration and Legacy of Flexibility Meeting was sorted out my few country Utah Region Officials who felt that their Way of life, Way of life, Legacy, Qualities and Flexibility were under assault. The Western Opportunity Celebration is an endeavor to teach the world about the negative effect dynamic arrangements are having on the wellbeing, security and welfare of subjects in the west.


Tickets for the occasion are accessible at


Area Chiefs

Leland Pollock Garfield Area Commissioner Phone: (435) 616-2718

Check Whitney Beaver Area Commissioner Phone: (435) 691-9448

David Miller Iron Area Commissioner Phone: (435) 463-1980

Darin Bushman Piute Area Commissioner Phone: (435) 231-2444

Doug Heaton Kane Area Commissioner Phone: (435) 691-9500

Jerry Taylor Escalante Mayor Phone: (801) 856-5566

Alan Gardener Washington Area Commissioner Phone: (435) 467-9312

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