Carson for President Billboards Go Up In Iowa and in Baltimore

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January 17, 2014
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John Philip Sousa IV, National Administrator of the National Draft Ben Carson for President Panel declared today that "electronic announcement commercials have propelled in Des Moines, Iowa and in the more prominent Baltimore range, where Dr. Ben Carson lives and works. These electronic bulletins show 58,056 promotions every week in Iowa and 74,312 in Baltimore. Despite the fact that the Baltimore boards are right now down, on account of liberal support of Americans the country over, they will show again next week."

The reason for the announcements in Iowa is to empower those going to January 21 mid-term councils to join the more than 200,000 Americans who have marked the appeal to asking Dr. Carson to keep running for President in 2016.

The boards convey a few messages including: "To Mend Our Country," "Sick of Legislative issues as Usual," "Get America out of the ICU," and "America Needs Solid Pharmaceutical, alongside the slogan "Dr. Ben Carson for President 2016."

Dr. Carson has been inquired as to whether he will be a possibility for President in 2016. On every event, he has said that he is "not administering it out." On December 27, Ben Carson was met by Sway Exactly who was serving as a visitor have on the Sean Hannity Radio Show. Whenever Mr. Just asked Dr. Carson on the off chance that he would keep running for President, Carson reacted…

"If the conditions were to develop in a manner that that [running for President] appeared to be what God was calling me to do, I would positively do it. What\’s more, I could never walk out on my kindred nationals, if there was a clamor for such."

Once more, on January 7, 2014, in a meeting by Newsmax correspondent Bill Hoffman, Dr. Carson re-attested that he will run if individuals keep on "clamor" for him to do as such and on the off chance that he feels that God is calling him to keep running for President.

Despite the fact that Dr. Carson has been violently assaulted by the left to express perspectives that are in opposition to those worthy by the liberal foundation, he has not been threatened. Indeed, he proceeds with a bustling calendar of talking at open social events across the nation, like what potential possibility for President have done preceding reporting their nomination. He has as of late reported that his week after week segment, showing up in The Washington Times, will now be conveyed by more than 200 daily papers over the Unified States.

The National Draft Ben Carson for President Board of trustees accepts there are five reasons why Dr. Ben Carson is the correct decision as the Republican candidate for President in 2016…

1. Beyond any doubt Champ. Dr. Ben Carson is a certain champ since his allure cuts over all ethnic, racial, geographic, age, sex and financial lines. He is a national saint who is regarded by all Americans.

2. Incredible Communicator. Like Ronald Reagan, Dr. Carson is honored with the exceptional, inherent capacity to clarify complex issues in basic, sensible terms that everybody can get it.

3. Healer. Dr. Carson has been a healer his whole grown-up life. Rather than isolating Americans into gatherings as the present President endeavors to do, President Carson will join us as one individuals who share the endowments of being subjects of the Unified Conditions of America.

4. National Statesman. Dr. Carson is not part of the Washington, D.C. group, Democrats and Republicans, that has conveyed this country to the verge of insolvency, and proceeds with its wild ways of managing money. He is a resident statesman, the sort of pioneer imagined by America\’s Organizers.

5. Reliable. Dr. Ben Carson is not a lawmaker, as Ronald Reagan, he is a principled preservationist who is completely dedicated to the Assembled States Constitution. He can be trusted to state what he implies and do what he says.

For additional data on the National Draft Ben Carson for President Board of trustees please compose John Philip Sousa IV at Mail station Box 1376, Merrifield, Virginia 22116-1376 or email him at

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