Cartoonist Supports Haiti Relief Efforts

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January 20, 2010
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January 21, 2010

As Haiti bears the most decimating quake debacle ever, the world is attempting to send help with expectations of modifying this annihilated nation.

Enter the character of seek after Haiti, Jurdy, the modify self image of Wilmington-conceived illustrator, Jenifer Jurden. Jurdy offers sympathy and trust through adoring expressions and informing that Jurden trusts will be a \”companion\” to everybody who was affected by this disaster.

Jurden, a veteran publicizing official and sketch artist, propelled Jurdy in 2007, and Jurdy rapidly turned into a wellspring of lighthearted element and a \”spokes-being\” for the universe on points of green and mankind. Presently Jurdy Green kid\’s shows are distributed universally and all alone site, where there is currently a committed Haiti page which requests that viewers give anything they can to the Haiti alleviation finance.

\”Jurdy is an empathetic, human-adoring character with widespread interest,\” says Jurden of the character. \”What\’s more, Jurdy can truly address the heartstrings of the total populace which ideally will prompt to expand liberality from their handbag strings.\” Jurdy first made the green scene when Jurden propelled her site to rouse people on the theme of green using lighthearted element. \”Individuals appreciate a decent snicker on any subject and with Jurdy I help them maintain a green concentration for the whole deal,\” says Jurden.

\”I have Jurdy \’seek after Haiti cards\’ that I need to give and get appropriated to however many Haitians as could be allowed to give them a \”companion\” at a critical moment,\” says Jurden. \”Jurdy for the Haitian kids specifically could be a gigantic enthusiastic device since they could have Jurdy with them wherever they are to help them adapt and offer them friendship.\” Jurden is as of now investigating dissemination roads for her card gifts furthermore distributing open doors for her gift ask for toons.

\”Jurdy and I can keep the Haiti save gift drive alive for the long haul, we simply need to collaborate with the correct association,\” Jurden states anxiously.

To commence Jurdy\’s Haiti alleviation endeavors, Jurden has Jurdy Green kid\’s shows on her Jurdy Green landing page and additionally a devoted page with a promotion reminding individuals to give. Keeping in mind Jurden is excited to bolster Haiti through her site and through her nearness on out of Britain, she\’s additionally speedy to bring up that Jurdy has a video on YouTube requesting Haiti alleviation help also. \”Without U there is no humankind – put the I in Haiti\” is the message that Jurdy passes on the sites and in the video. Jurden says, \”we have to accomplish more than have any kind of effect for Haiti. Like never before we have to discover approaches to inspire the universe all in all to give whatever they can. No sum is too little. Jurdy wants to convey that message in all ways that could be available.\”

Jurdy is the general spokes-character for trust, sympathy and mankind. For more data, please contact Jenifer Jurden (maker of Jurdy) at 410-352-3308 or or visit

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