Cast Album Released: SON of the STORM by Stephen Melillo

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August 23, 2016
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August 24, 2016

Pulitzer Prize selected writer, Stephen Melillo whose 1140 or more works have been heard in each edge of the globe has quite recently discharged the new musical drama cast collection Child of the Tempest, from STORMRecords, a division of STORMWORKS, uniting a variety of Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar perceived specialists.

Child of the Tempest is a piece that Melillo was at first motivated to write in 1990. \”The first form of the work was made, coordinated, story-loaded up, set with writings and verses in 29 round-the-clock days,\” Melillo reflects.

The subject of this recently restored musical drama, set in two turbulent times of history, 1946 and 33 years prior in 1913, is \”life itself!\” Victor, voiced by prestigious musical drama artist Adelmo Guidarelli, and Child of the Tempest\’s creator of The Animal, is a decent man…torn in many spots, somewhere down in the absolute entirety. His work is his life and he has in reality prevailing with regards to making a definitive show-stopper, a man. The Animal, Victor\’s creation is new to the world, a living fine art, which not at all like any work yet made, can glance back at the maker and into the world.

Through the eyes of Victor\’s young child William (Karlene Grinberg) we take in the message that The Animal conveys to mankind. Author Stephen Melillo clarifies, \”As the twofold collection set attracts to a nearby we hear an enormous instrumental finale citing a work initially made in 1976, 40 years prior. There is a little snapshot of discharge into an unceasing resounding void. William broadcasts, \’We\’re alive!\’ That basic thing is the general purpose, the entire message. We\’re alive… like The Animal (Matt Branic) sings, \’to feel loathe and love…\’ Child of the Tempest is essentially that… a message of adoration in the midst of the tempest.\”

\”There are many inquiries postured by the piece,\” Melillo proceeds. \”What is Excellence? What am I and what am I doing here to inquire? Don\’t you become ill of giving? What anticipates me when I kick the bucket? Many inquiries… furthermore, the music itself is the reply.\”

Child of the Tempest has been recorded in the style of a 1940s radio communicate for this collection. The lively exhibitions by the cast and ensemble delivered in this work are flawlessly upheld by the eerie support of The Tritonus Melody of Germany, led by Klaus Brecht.

At the point when approached about his objectives for this musical show, author Stephen Melillo basically reacted, \”Child the Tempest is enlivened by a conviction imparted to Beethoven… that all men might be siblings. To that reason, we offer this work.\”

To hear an example visit :

Soundcloud Extracts: of-the-tempest by-stephen

Child of the Tempest at Compact disc Infant:

In 2016, Stephen\’s fourth Orchestra was selected for the Pulitzer and Nemmers Prize in Music. Victor of three 2009 TV & Ava Grants for his 2005 Imagined Show: THAT WE May LIVE, Stephen\’s show form was additionally designated for the Pulitzer Prize in Music. His 15 highlight film scores incorporate the Oscar-assigned 12:01PM, and most as of late, The UNWILLING. An ASCAP Show Grants beneficiary every year since 1992, Stephen\’s more than 1140 works incorporate 4 orchestras, a few concerti and more than 33-hours of Music for Troupes of the third Thousand years. With 28 Albums and 6 books on iTunes, and just by listening in on others\’ conversations, Stephen\’s spearheading, independently publishing element known as STORMWORKS has gone from 0 to a large number of overall renderings since 1992.

Computerized Libretti here:

A Mind boggling Child of the Tempest Cast & Team incorporates:

The Animal, Matt Branic

Victor, Adelmo Guidarelli

Elizabeth, Megan Pachecano

Riffraff Rouser, Michael Ashby

William at 11, Karlene Grinberg

Scholar, Joshua Kohl

Researcher/Burgermeister, Eric McKeever

Military Man, Daniel Klein

Dazzle Man, Steven Fredericks

Girl, Kacey Cardin

Child, Matthew Murphy

Host, Raymond Jones

The TRITONUS Tune, Germany, Led by Klaus Brecht

Co-Makers, Adelmo Guidarelli, Golden L. Spradlin, Ric Schnupp

Specialized Counsel, Brief DeMott

Progression, Andrew Pencola

Craftsman, Irene Krauss

Foley, Subside Solomon Net

Recording, Ric Schnupp, Seeker Berk

Recorded at Soundtrack New York

Music, Verses & Messages by


IGNA 2016

All Rights Saved. Delivered by Tempest Records

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