Changing the Jerky Game: Think Jerky Launches, Pairing Healthy Jerky with Celebrity Chefs

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Jerky is the quickest developing nibble sustenance in the Assembled States (IRI information). Americans burned through $2.8 billion on dried meat snacks a year ago. Jerky is ideal for taking care of the expanded demand for protein (NPR) and eating propensities among millennials. Indeed, even with expanded deals, there is still a noteworthy hole in the market for solid jerky. Most business jerky is stacked with sugar and fillers.

Presenting the distinct advantage: Think Jerky – the Principal Sound Culinary specialist Made Jerky!

This line of meat and turkey jerky gives today\’s purchasers what they truly need:

– Grass-encouraged meat and unfenced turkey raised with no additional hormones or anti-infection agents

– Single-serve sacks that have 100 calories, 16 grams of protein and just 6 grams of carbs

– without gluten; sans nitrite; GMO free, Supplement thick without any fillers and a large portion of the salt and sugar as standard jerky items

– Paleo-accommodating

– Made in delectable flavors created by wellbeing cognizant big name culinary experts:

o Laurent Gras | Three-Star Michelin Culinary specialist

o Gale Gand | Nourishment Arrange Have

o Matt Troost | Homestead to-Table Master

\”Think Jerky conveys jerky to a radical new level,\” said organization originator Ricky Hirsch. \”We\’ve changed jerky into an incredible tasting sensible way of life item that is ideal for individuals who need to appreciate a protein-rich sustenance that is truly sound. Our fans lean toward gourmet experts over researchers, cultivates over processing plants and setting aside the opportunity to think before they eat.\”

As indicated by Hirsch, ladies are the quickest developing shopper in any event half of all Think Jerky buyers are purchasing jerky as a sound nibble for themselves and for their youngsters.

Think Jerky sold out inside two days of propelling this past December and earned over $100,000 in January\’s online deals.

An appreciated hybrid item sold in an assortment of retail settings

Early adopters among sustenance retailers incorporate Union Market in New York City and in addition Mariano\’s grocery stores in the Midwest. Wellness clubs offering Think Jerky to their individuals incorporate the exceptionally respected East Bank Club, Stream North Crossfit and South Circle Crossfit in Chicago. Online requests by means of have been enormous with a forceful web-based social networking taking after boosting mindfulness.

\”Think Jerky has a dynamic flavor profile and you can taste the freshness and nature of fixings,\” said Lisette Campbell from Union Market.

\”Our individuals are extremely wellbeing cognizant, so Think Jerky was an awesome expansion to the Sustenance Shop, our gourmet store inside East Bank Club,\” said Carlos Molina, East Bank Club Executive of Nourishment and Drink. \”They taste extraordinary, they\’re high in protein, and they\’re low in calories, so our clients truly like them.\”

Think Jerky interests to many market portions.

\”It\’s not only for the jerky area,\” says Hirsch. \”The progressive Think Jerky likewise can be found in the normal and wellbeing sustenance walkway, snatch and-go area, protein bar counter, make mixed drink division, and up front at the money enroll.


– Bars and eateries are offering it on menus and culinary specialists are utilizing Think Jerky to upgrade formulas

– Parents search it out on the grounds that their children adore it and it\’s a sound contrasting option to snacks with exhaust calories

– It\’s the ideal nibble and can be kept in a satchel, attaché or yoga pack.

– It is a great protein to flavor up a serving of mixed greens

– Fitness focuses are making it accessible in their nourishment shops.

– Members appreciate it as both pre-workout fuel and a post-workout recuperation nibble.

– Weight misfortune fans like the way that it is low in carbs, salt and sugar however high in protein.

Excellent flavors from big name gourmet specialists

Think Jerky author Hirsch banded together with three top cooks to make creative and season pressed jerky formulas, including two-time James Facial hair grant victor and Sustenance Organize have, Hurricane Gand from Chicago; three-star Michelin gourmet specialist and Nourishment & Wine Best New Culinary specialist Laurent Gras from New York, and homestead to-table master and Baconfest Champion Matt Troost from Chicago. As the product offering creates, Hirsch arrangements to join forces with new culinary specialists to make more flavors.

Think Jerky is as of now accessible in four flavors:

– Sriracha Nectar – Made with unfenced turkey, without gluten tamari, chestnut natural sweetener, sriracha blend, nectar, onion powder and cayenne pepper (Created by culinary expert Hurricane Gand)

– Ginger Orange – Made with grass-encouraged meat, without gluten tamari, unadulterated sweetener, ginger, garlic powder, orange peel, onion powder, sesame seeds and cayenne pepper (Created by culinary expert Hurricane Gand)

– Sweet Chipotle – Made with grass-encouraged meat, water, natural sweetener, raspberry juice condensed, ocean salt, ancho bean stew pepper powder, smoked paprika, dark pepper and cayenne pepper (Created by culinary expert Matt Troost)

– Thanksgiving – Made with unfenced turkey, cranberry juice, dried cranberries, pure sweetener, cabernet vinegar, ocean salt, dark pepper, onion powder, smoked paprika, thyme, sage, garlic powder and marjoram (Made by gourmet expert Laurent Gras)

About Think Jerky: for retailers

– Think Jerky is sold in 4 flavors: Sriracha Nectar, Ginger Orange, Sweet Chipotle and Thanksgiving

– The proposed retail cost, and the online purchaser cost for Think Jerky, is $24.95 for a five-pack of 1.5 oz. packs.

– Think Jerky is helpfully bundled not only for purchasers, but rather for retailers too. It comes in custom caddy confines for show any area of a store, and makes an incredible purpose of offer buy.

– Think Jerky is effectively looking for new discount records and merchants who will help the items contact a more extensive gathering of people.

– Wholesale clients can ask for a record and once enrolled, buy Think Jerky through the discount gateway at The time span of usability is one year.

For more data, please contact Think Jerky at or by phone at 312-380-0039. Visit the Think Jerky site at

Think Jerky web-based social networking joins




YouTube: Gourmet specialist Laurent Gras\’ Spring Serving of mixed greens with Think Jerky

YouTube: Gourmet specialist Matt Troost Hamburger Burrito with Think Jerky

YouTube: Making Think Jerky with Culinary expert Hurricane Gand

About Ricky Hirsch

Ricky Hirsch is the maker and establishing accomplice of Think Jerky. Initially brought up in Good country Stop, IL. Hirsch is profoundly established in Chicago with an affection for its culinary group. In the wake of moving on from the College of Michigan, he dared to New York to work in back. He purchased his first organization in 2006, which he sold to venture to the far corners of the planet in 2008. After coming back from his experiences abroad, he worked for himself exchanging values, while likewise considering how to venture into the field he cherishes: nourishment. In 2013, he took after his enthusiasm and established Think Jerky, banding together with broadly and locally eminent culinary specialists to make a manageable, scrumptious, and sound gourmet specialist created jerky.

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