Chevrolet Corvette Z06 on LOMA Wheels

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LOMA began tuning Corvettes in Germany in 2008, bringing about a substantial and steadfast fan base everywhere throughout the world. So it is little ponder that with the presence of the new Corvette \”Beast\”, authoritatively called its C7-Z06 show, LOMA is still the principal decision for Corvette proprietors. The organization no longer does great tune-ups however is presently a counterfeiter of aluminum edges and nobody knows preferable what these autos require over LOMA.

Unfathomable 10.0J x 20\” edges were introduced on the front hub and 12.5J x 21\” on the back pivot, both with most extreme concavity. The LOMA RS1-RSR wheel edges on the back pivot particularly are concave to the point that when you take a gander at them, you fear the likelihood of falling into one and never again observing the light of day.

The Pirelli tires on them now measure a beast 275/30/20\” on the front pivot and 355/25/21\” on the back.

This perfect Corvette Z06 was brought down just with the stock undercarriage. Presently this Corvette looks more than delectable in the city. An execution help to 770 hp with an altered fumes framework make it clear that this auto is dead genuine.

LOMA Produced sunken wheels are accessible straightforwardly from the maker at The inward produced edges will, if asked for additionally be enrolled at the Germany and Austrian TUV or the Swiss MFK to be road lawful and in this way, you\’ll get a total lighthearted bundle at LOMA.

The wheel edges are 100% fashioned and given their width, fantastically light. Along these lines, execution does not fall by the wayside and need we say the esteem calculate?! Surly not. In the event that you know LOMA, you know the sort of customers that organization organizer Mario Radosavljevic arouses around himself.

It\’s not to no end that our maxim is:

LOMA – everything else are recently wheels.

Extra data coordinate at

LOMA Wheels

Unsoldstrasse 2

80538 Munich, Germany

Telephone: +49 (0)89/255 575 870



NOTE: Columnists and Magazines have the consent to download and post the greater part of our photos. Full exhibition of this auto is here: wheels-in-2021-inch/

The LOMA extravagance mark remains for greatly light yet exceptionally select produced wheels. To experience this claim, we deliver just little amounts and contribute a lot of time, aptitude and care in every assembling venture. Authoritatively guaranteed Superlative Wheels since 2008.

From the track to the road.- LOMA Wheels

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