Children\’s Book Author A. J. Cosmo Leads The Way In Digital Books That Engage Kids And Teach Valuable Life Lessons

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A late article by Jeremy Greenfield In the city site entitled \’Advanced Books Truly Aren\’t Turning Your Children\’s Brains to Mush\’ introduced some edifying actualities about the estimation of ebooks for children.

As indicated by \’The ABC\’s of Children & E-Perusing, (a review from Play Science and Advanced Book World), computerized perusing patterns are expanding. As per the review, 66% of children two to 13 read or are perused from advanced books. A few people take pleasure in the news while others weep over the apparent loss of \’old fashioned\’ print designs. Notwithstanding the buildup, noise or perpetual squabbling about print versus computerized, the significance of early perusing expertise advancement, regardless of the arrangement, is of most extreme earnestness.

A. J. Cosmo\’s computerized youngsters\’ books are uncontrollably fruitful. He is the writer and artist of more than forty kids\’ books for the Amazon Encourage, including the top of the line \’The Beast That Ate My Socks\’, which put in right around two years at the highest point of the Creature class and in the main 500 books by and large. To fulfill the request in both distributing designs, \’The Creature That Ate My Socks\’ is the principal genuinely printed book from Thought Bubble Distributing, the recently joined independently publishing engrave that Cosmo shaped in 2014.

\”My central goal,\” A.J. expressed, \”is to enhance the personal satisfaction for children and grown-ups by educating essential lessons, along these lines establishing the framework for future accomplishment in life.\”

The greater part of Cosmo\’s stories are precisely created to help guardians educate their youngsters basic regular lessons in a straightforward way. By guilefully wedding lovely representations and dialect, youngsters are tested to investigate his mystical universes. Composed for the transitional peruser, A.J\’s. stories permit kids to create and ace another level of perusing.

\”Arrangement involves individual inclination,\” Cosmo finished up, \”and it doesn\’t make a difference which design guardians and instructors favor. What is vital is that the youngster interfaces with the material and develops as a peruser.\”

A. J. Cosmo is accessible for media meets and can be achieved utilizing the data beneath or by email at The greater part of Cosmo\’s works are accessible at Amazon. More data is accessible at his site at

A. J. Cosmo lives and fills in as an essayist and artist in Los Angeles and has composed more than thirty youngsters\’ books for the Amazon Ignite.

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