Church of the Eternal God Announces Booklet, \”Punishment for Our Sins\”

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July 11, 2016
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Many trust that on the off chance that they\’ve carried on with a decent life, they will go to paradise when they kick the bucket. Others stress that since they trespassed much in their life, they will wind up in hellfire to be tormented until the end of time. Yet, do we have an undying soul that continues living that will at last wind up in such places? How would we get discipline for our transgressions – what precisely occurs toward the finish of our physical presence?

The Book of scriptures plainly demonstrates that the idea of an undying soul is mistaken. Passing is essentially a rest without awareness until a restoration from the dead. So in what capacity will discipline for sins occur then? We read in John 5:28-29 that all who are in their graves will approach when they hear the voice of the Child of Man – the individuals who have done what is cooperative attitude ascend to live, and the individuals who have done what is underhanded will ascend to be judged.

The writer of the booklet, Evangelist Norbert Connect clarified: \”God is lenient and has incredible sympathy. Upon true atonement, He will pardon sins and without a doubt decrease any discipline for a contrite miscreant to indisputably the base. Notwithstanding, we ought not surmise that there will be no representing sins, even after genuine atonement. In any case, it is just the individuals who insubordinately and unalterably decline to submit to God that will be crushed for all time in the pool of flame.\”

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