Church of the Eternal God Announces New StandingWatch Program, \”The Dark Side of Christmas!\”

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Many would be stunned to discover that the festivals around Christmas begin in a period much sooner than the introduction of Christ. Truth be told, while many individuals may think they are remembering Christ\’s introduction to the world and commending the \”delight\” of the season, they are really paying reverence to agnostic traditions associated with shrewdness spirits, ideas and figures.

Actually, Christ wasn\’t conceived on December 25th, and the first reason for the festival was to respect agnostic gods, for example, the Persian sun god Mithras, who was \”conceived\” on December 25. Further, the greater part of the conventions encompassing Christmas, for example, presents, Santa Clause Claus and the Christmas tree are not just agnostic traditions that have been embraced by Standard Christianity, however recognition of such practices are a cursed thing according to God.

Evangelist Norbert Interface clarified: \”Watching agnostic traditions trying to commend the introduction of Jesus Christ, traditions of which He was never a part of in any case and which are really respecting and revering evil spirits, isn\’t right and is doubtlessly denied in the Book of scriptures. It is unbelievably certain that God summons us not to love Him along these lines. We read in Matthew 15:7-9 that we venerate Christ vainly when we instruct as precepts the rules of men.\”

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