CivicLab Announces New Crowd-Funded Book: \”Chicago Is Not Broke. Funding the City We Deserve\”

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July 13, 2016
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July 14, 2016

A gathering of Chicago specialists have composed short articles sketching out approaches to spare and create Significant incomes for Chicago.

The coordinator and manager is Tom Tresser ( and the book depends on this Huffington Post Chicago from September 2015: HP.

The venture has been made conceivable by means of a crowdfunding effort. Starting at July 8, 2016 200 individuals contributed $8,367 towards an objective of $10,000.

The site for this venture is: The crowdfunding effort is being facilitated on Liberality (a sister site to at

\”We are looking to widen the discussion on city potential outcomes in Chicago well ahead of time of the 2017 spending cycle. This venture depends on the three years of research and government funded instruction done through the TIF Brightening Venture and in addition my previous ten years work battling privatization and doing grassroots majority rules system all over Chicago and Cook District,\” says coordinator Tom Tresser.

The book is outlined by Alison Sustarich of Modest Intense Plan Studio –

Other than a physical print book, we will likewise put the material on a book-related wiki site which will have connections to references and illustrations. We will welcome individuals to utilize this wiki to Include and Develop the references and illustrations utilized as a part of the book.

We consider this to be a monstrous, progressing mainstream training effort that will bring a large number of conventional Chicagoans into substantive open arrangement talks about the eventual fate of Chicago.

The book takes after this layout:

1. Introduce – Why this book, Tom Tresser

2. Step by step instructions to Consider Spending plans – Ralph Martire of the Inside for Duty and Spending Responsibility –

Segment 1 – Cash That Is Stolen From Us – That We Didn\’t Need To Spend

3. The cost of debasement in Chicago – Prof. Dick Simpson, College of Illinois at Chicago –

4. Lethal Bank Bargains – Jackson Potter, Chicago Educators Union –

5. The Cost of Police Viciousness – Jamie Kalven, Undetectable Foundation. –

Area 2 – Cash That Is Avoided Us

6. Charge Increase Financing – The Off the Books Slush Support – Tom Tresser.

Area 3-Cash That We Are Not Gathering

7. A Dynamic Pay Impose For Illinois – Hilary Denk, Co-Seat, Issues Advisory group of the Leading group of the Class of Ladies Voters Illinois –

8. What a LaSalle Road Duty Would Accomplish For Chicago – Ron Baiman, Associate Educator of Financial matters in the Graduate Business Organization program at Benedictine College –

9. An Open Bank For Chicago – Amara Enyia, PhD, previous possibility for leader, Open Arrangement Specialist, Primary of Pro Civil Accomplices –

Conclusion, Last Box Score Number of Proposed Incomes, Invitation to take action – Jonathan Peck, previous President and CEO of the Tucson Urban Association has more than 25 years encounter working inside the group advancement field encouraging activities, coalitions, and organizations together at the area, citywide, provincial, national and global levels.

We will enact our systems to book the writers for talking gigs around the city after production.

The book will be accessible available to be purchased and download on the web. We will approach neighborhood urban associations and open area unions to buy extensive amounts of the book for their individuals.

Legendry political strategist Wear Rose called the book \”required perusing\” – see the survey here.

Tom Tresser

Metro teacher


About Tom Tresser:

Tom is a metro teacher and open protector who has been doing open work for more than 40 years. His voter enlistment battle was in 1973. He calls himself an \”open safeguard\” since Chicago\’s history of defilement and neighborhood debasement has made this city Ground Zero for awful arrangements which strip dig open resources for private pick up. Chicago\’s scandalous stopping meter arrangement being the most surely understood (and detested) illustration. In 2008 Tom drove the production of Secure Our Parks ( to stop the privatization of Lincoln Stop. In 2009 he was a co-pioneer of No Recreations Chicago ( which attempted to wreck the offer for the 2016 Olympics. Tom was a prime supporter of the CivicLab ( which worked as America\’s just cooperating space devoted to social equity and community engagement for a long time in Chicago\’s West Loop.Tom has been the lead coordinator for the TIF Enlightenment Extend for as far back as three years ( This all-volunteer exertion has been examining and uncovering the effects of Chicago\’s monstrous Assessment Increase Financing program on a ward-by-ward premise. He has exhibited on TIFs at 45 open gatherings before 4,600 individuals.

Late Media Appearances:

– \”On the up and up\” on CYCC Open television from 4/14 – the up and up 4-14-16 (11:42)

– \”Chicago Newsroom\” on CAN-Station 19 from 4/7 –

– \”CounterSpin\” meet from 3/18 – what-for-who

– \”This Is Damnation\” radio show on WNUR-FM from 3/12- meet

We\’ve gathered an amazing group of topic specialists to explain to us why Chicago is NOT down and out.

The battle is at

Ron Baiman is an Aide Teacher of Financial aspects in the Graduate Business Organization program at Benedictine College in Lisle, IL. He is an individual from the Chicago Political Economy Bunch additionally a long-lasting individual from the Article Leading group of the Audit of Radical Political Financial matters.

Point: \”What a LaSalle Road Expense Would Accomplish For Chicago\”

Hilary Denk has settled more than 250 matters and took an interest in more than 200 formal interventions. As VP for Related Cases Endeavors, a national outsider director, Hilary oversaw cases, scope and projects in the accompanying fields: land, business rehearses, legal counselors negligence, and business risk. She serves on the leading body of the Class of Ladies Voters of Illinois.

Theme: \”A dynamic Wage Impose for Illinois\”

Amara Enyia is an open approach advisor crosswise over strategy zones. She served as the CEO of Pro Civil Accomplices LLC, a full administration city counseling firm that works with little and moderate sized urban areas in the Chicago territory, Focal America, South America and West Africa. She has likewise served as Official Chief of the Austin Assembly of Trade, Approach Executive of Assembling Renaissance, and Open Arrangement Expert in the City of Chicago Chairman\’s Office. Amara was a contender for leader in Chicago\’s 2015 decisions.

Point: \”An Open Bank for Chicago\”

Jamie Kalven is a co-executive of the Imperceptible Establishment, a journalistic generation organization on the South Side of Chicago. that attempts to improve the limit of common society to consider open foundations responsible. Jamie is an essayist and human rights dissident. His work has showed up in an assortment of distributions; among them, Slate, the Country, the Columbia Reporting Survey, and the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, and Chicago Peruser. As of late, he has announced widely on examples of police manhandle and exemption in Chicago. He is a beneficiary of a 2016George Polk Grant for his scope of the murdering of Laquan McDonald by a Chicago cop in October 2014.

Subject: \”The Cost of Police Viciousness for Chicago\”

Ralph Martire is Official Chief of the Inside for Duty and Spending Responsibility. He instructs an Ace\’s class on Training Fund and Monetary Arrangement for the College of Illinois and Roosevelt College where he is additionally a recognized instructor on open strategy. Also, he has educated financial approach courses for different colleges and the Universal Fulbright Researcher Program. He was chosen to serve on the School Leading group of Waterway Woodland Area 90, where regardless he serves. Ralph is likewise a standard feature writer on training, financial and monetary strategy for the State Diary Enroll and Day by day Envoy.

Theme: \”How to Consider Spending plans\”

Jonathan Peck, is the Therapeutic Equity Organizer for Choices, Inc. He most as of late served on the Police Responsibility Team with the Group & Police Relations Working Gathering. He is the previous President and CEO of the Tucson Urban Association and has more than 25 years encounter working inside the group improvement field encouraging undertakings, coalitions, and collusions at the area, citywide, territorial, national and universal levels. Jonathan filled in as a group coordinator, and later as Partner Chief of the Southwest Youth Cooperative (SWYC), a Chicago based association devoted to the solid improvement of low-salary kids, youth and families. Jonathan Peck has broad involvement in the worldwide field, most outstandingly taking a shot at the ground in Southern Africa and Nicaragua. Jonathan has worked and gone by more than 15 nations crosswise over North and Latin America, Europe and Southern Africa. Mr. Peck has broad experience as a Counsel and Specialist, giving vital guidance in the territories of hierarchical improvement, key arranging, and philanthropic official authority and business administration. Mr. Peck is an Ace Facilitator, Coordinator, Coach, Mentor and Tutor and has given these administrations to more than 5,000 people.

Theme: \”Thinking about all

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